Face Verification Solution- A Perfect Solution For Eliminating Identity Fraud


Face biometric technology is becoming popular over the past few years as it is assisting digital businesses worldwide. Artificial intelligence-powered face verification systems are one step ahead of conventional authentication systems as they can identify and validate the real identities of the customer by analyzing their facial traits. It is also capable of providing robust identity validation and also fulfills the KYC regulatory obligation.

Face Recognition Technology- Emergence and Its Importance

Biometric verification technology emerged in the 1960s and was used to develop management systems. But as time passed this technology evolved and now it’s known as face recognition systems. It’s now utilized as a fraud detector.

Online face recognition systems are now enhanced by using AI technology. Due to AI, the face verification market is growing exponentially. Statista stated that the market capacity of facial recognition will approximately reach $7 billion in the year 2024. Due to its capabilities, biometric technology has become a corporate solution.

Facial verification is one of the types of biometric identification solutions that verifies the user identity by analyzing facial characteristics. The face verification systems can extract the facial trait from photos, videos, or even live physical presence. Using biometric technology verification systems match the fake imprint with the photo placed on the government-generated identity documents. Utilizing AI technology the images or videos are thoroughly scanned by undergoing checks like liveness detection, 3d sensing, skin texture analysis, and 3d depth perception.

Undoubtedly the effectiveness of such verification systems is the only fruitful result of advanced AI techniques and algorithms. Digital businesses were struggling to combat frauds so, this solution completely removes the risk of unusual activities companies tend to experience earlier.

How does It work?

The biometric verification systems scan customers’ faces and then the captured facial imprints are changed into machine-readable algorithms that are checked against the images placed in the global databases. Thus, face recognition systems eliminate the requirement of carrying ID documents physically in order to prove identity.

Matching Facial Traits

Every person has distinctive facial features that cant be copied. The face verification procedure scans the clients’ faces and verifies their originality by comparing it with the customers’ government-issued identity documents in order to determine any signs of modification in it. Therefore, if any criminal-minded tend to bypass the verification system could easily be detected.

 Liveness detection

Embedding core concepts of artificial intelligence technology, face verification solution is capable of detecting even tiny facial features or gestures. This biometric feature precisely determines whether the client is using 2D/3D masks or is providing false images to manipulate the system. It’s quite helpful while identifying the identities from videos as it can effectively sense the gestures to validate the user.

3D Depth Perception

This significant feature of online face verification solutions fills the gaps between the authentication systems and doesn’t provide space to the fraudster so that they can use the system for their personal gains. It detects the face movements and also determines the facial coordinates and then compares the templates with the image that is present in the identity documents. This is a perfect way of fighting identity theft.

Benefits of  Face Recognition Technology

Seamless Client Onboarding

On Daily basis, digital businesses tend to communicate with a huge number of clients. However, businesses were struggling to verify their customers’ identities accurately. Thus, facial verification solutions are aiding companies to precisely determines the real identities of customers before enrolling them

Airport Clearance

Airports need strict security measures to combat fraudsters. Therefore, deploying face verification systems will definitely secure the airport premises. Due to such advanced solutions now the tourist can onboard flights by only scanning their face in front of verification systems and are good to go.

 Contactless Customer Screening

Arenas and public events have to facilitate the audience at large. For such businesses, it’s hard to identify as well as to verify clients’ identity and their ID documents. Unfortunately, due to insufficient security protocols the businesses, as well as the individual entities, can face adverse consequences. So, to verify the customer’s identity, face verification systems are planted over such sites that allow them to authenticate the clients at glance.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, the Face verification solution is becoming the center of attraction in the corporate sector. No doubt, businesses by utilizing biometric technology could eliminate the risk of criminal activities as well as get precise verification results.



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