When should you Upgrade to a Linux Dedicated Server?


It is quite obvious that upgrading your hosting server to a dedicated server makes sense. That is because a dedicated server is capable of providing you high flexibility and availability of resources while hosting your website. It can make it possible for you to attain the maximized performance of your website.

However, what most people forget to consider are the operating system running at its base and the level of hosting facilities being served by the provider. Here you will come across the most popular and efficient operating system that can be operated on your server for the supreme growth of the website – Linux dedicated server hosting hosting. Also, you will get insights into the Wise Solution hosting company that renders powerful and reliable dedicated servers worldwide. So, let’s begin!

What is a Linux Dedicated Server?

The Linux dedicated server is the kind of hosting service where you rent a whole server running with the support of Linux OS to host your website. Unlike shared server hosting, you get full access to all your server resources. Also, you get the freedom to decide whether you want to share your server space with other websites or not. Moreover, your website gets a dedicated IP address and a private hosting platform with dedicated Linux server hosting. Further, your hosting provider enables you to control and run your dedicated server on your own by providing you its root access. Let’s figure out in the following section when it can be the right time for you to shift your website to a Linux-dedicated server.

When is the right time to upgrade to a Linux Dedicated Server?

When your website is running slow

While hosting your website on a Linux dedicated server, you are able to increase its loading speed. That is because you do not have to share your resources. So, your website gets support from them all the time. Also, you get the opportunity to enhance and expand your resources anytime due to the scalability feature rendered by the dedicated server hosting.

Increase in Website Traffic

With the Linux dedicated server hosting, you can manage the optimal performance of your website even during traffic peaks. It helps your website achieve maximum uptime and minimum downtime.

Require High Security

With the isolated and independent hosting environment of the Linux dedicated server, you get two things in your hand. First, no one can intervene in your website’s functions and manipulate data without your consent. Second is you get the authority to implement various security layers on your server to ensure full data protection.

If you are Running Numerous Websites

It is obvious to compromise with the highest performance of your website when other one or more websites get hosted on the same server. This is due to the division of resources, server power, and more such reasons. However, the Linux dedicated server makes it possible for you to run numerous websites without any lag in their performances and shortage of resources.

Advantages of Linux Dedicated Server

The dedicated server with the Linux OS has certain unique advantages. Peek into the following points to know about some of them!


Linux OS offers an open-source platform, which is free to use. This further lowers the cost of the dedicated server hosting services compared to those running on other operating systems. You also get to utilize numerous free applications devised for easy integration with the Linux dedicated server hosting India.


The Linux dedicated server renders an unmatched level of data security. Because of the open-source nature of Linux, anyone can examine the source code and identify or repair the faults and vulnerabilities of the system.


You get high stability with the dedicated server with Linux OS as it has the least possibilities of getting crashed and having errors. Also, you do not have to restart your system often. So, your websites do not suffer from much downtime.


You can perform multitasking with utmost ease on a Linux-operated dedicated server. You get the possibility to function multiple programs simultaneously with great efficiency.

Get next level hosting experience with Wise Solution


As stated in the beginning, you can have the best Linux dedicated server hosting with the Wise Solution. The Wise Solution is the stand-alone, renowned hosting company rendering the ultimate and cheapest Linux dedicated server web hosting services in India. Following are the privileges you can have with the company’s Linux dedicated server hosting –


  • 24/7/365 technical assistance through various communication mediums
  • Free of cost up-gradation, account migration, and SSL certificate
  • 100% uptime network commitment
  • Robust service level agreement
  • Malware and virus protection software
  • Premium and unlimited bandwidth
  • Endless and fastest network connectivity
  • Enterprise-grade hardware support


The Linux dedicated server from the Wise Solution is the best possible hosting solution to have when it comes to affordability and seamless website performance. Moreover, you will have full technical and customer support from the company’s professionals even if you buy unmanaged hosting services. The professionals are trained and experienced to provide the most accessible solution in the least time. You can also reach out to the experts of the company to gain more knowledge about the Linux dedicated server hosting services. Or, you can right away browse the company’s official website for the same – https://www.wisesolution.in/linux-dedicated-server.


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