Quickbooks Error 15106 – Symptoms, Causes & Solution


When a user has active QuickBooks Desktop payroll subscriptions and they try to update, then this error occurs on their system. In this article, we discuss the detailed information of QuickBooks Error 15106, its causes, symptoms, and how to resolve this error. QuickBooks Desktop has a feature called Auto Data Recovery (ADR) that, in a case of data loss or corruption, may allow you to recover all or nearly all of your data. A data recovery software can help you out in all the way.

The QuickBooks Error 15106 occurs when the payroll update is not working. And when this error arises then these types of messages you will receive like: “The update program cannot be opened while updating QuickBooks Desktop”,  “The Update Program is Damaged” or “The Update Program Can Not Be Opened”. These Error messages only occur in Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, 2000, XP, and ME. 

Causes of Error 15106

There are so many reasons which cause the QuickBooks Error 15106 while updating or installing the QuickBooks Payroll Updates. When the users don’t have permission to perform this update on their system. Below we have given some reasons that cause this error 15106:-

  • When QuickBooks installation doesn’t install the other components which will help to update the application and payroll later. 
  • When your system Webroot antivirus detects QuickBooks installer as thread and it blocks the operations on windows.
  • If you don’t have Window administrative rights in your user account.
  • The setting of your window account control is high.
  • When Third-party antivirus programs try to stop the update process of QuickBooks.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15106

  • When an Error message occurs on your computer screen.
  • When the update program is processed then automatically system restart.
  • It will slow down your QuickBooks.
  • You are not able to update the process of payroll.

Resolve the QuickBooks Error 15106 

There are some methods to resolve this error 15106. QuickBooks also has some errors which are Quickbooks unrecoverable error but we are here to solve all the QuickBooks Errors. So,  Follow all the steps correctly to resolve your device error. You can follow one method at a time and check if the error is solved or not, if the error will solve in the first or second method then there is no need to follow all the steps accordingly.

Method 1- As an Admin Log-in

  • Firstly, open your QuickBooks account.
  • Now, click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Tap on the “Run as administrator” option. 

Method 2- Stop Anti-virus software and Rename the folder of QuickBooks

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time to open Task Manager.
  • Along with the .exe file extension search for your anti-virus name, under the Processes tab.
  • Then, Right-Click on it and choose the End Task.
  • Now, exit from the Task Manager.
  • Open Window File Explorer.
  • Open the file directory “for 32-bit users type C:\Program Files\intuite\QuickBooks(year)\components”. And “for the 64-bit users’ type C:\Program Files(x86)\intuit\QuickBooks(year)\Components.
  • Search downloadqbxx and click on it. 
  • Now, rename the folder and add .old at the end of all folders.
  • Enter and save the changes and try to download the payroll.

Method 3- Turn off User Account Control Setting

  • Press Window key+R at the same time to open the Run window.
  • Open the control panel by typing on the search bar.
  • Go to User Account and select the User Account (Classic View).
  • Tap on the Change User Account Control Setting. 
  • Now move the slider to Never Notify and tap OK. 
  • At last, restart your software and download the update again.

After downloading turn on the User Account Setting for the system safety.


Method 4- In Selective Startup, Mode Clean the Install QuickBooks

  • Open the Run window by pressing Window+R together.
  • Then type Msconfig on it.
  • Then a window will open “System Configuration”. Then go to the General tab.
  • Tap on the Selective Startup and Load System service.
  • Click on Hide all Microsoft Service. And click on Disable All option.
  • Now, again click on the checkbox against Hide all Microsoft service again.
  • Make sure that on Windows installer has a tick mark.
  • After that, select the restart option.
  • Now, press on the Clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After that, again follow the first three steps and go to the Normal Startup.
  • At last, restart your window.


Method 5- Setup the Reboot.bat file

If you came at the last method to resolve your QuickBooks Error 15106 then the problem may be in the program files. The file name Reboot.bat folder in the QuickBooks can help the user by giving them permission to refresh the program file. Follow the steps to setup the .bat files :-

  • Click on the QuickBooks icon. 
  • Select Properties and tap on the Open File Location.
  • Search reboot.bat file and right-click on them to open.
  • Now, select the Run as Administration option and wait to open the command prompt window.
  • Don’t write anything on it and close that window manually.
  • When it closes automatically, then restart your software and try to download the updates again.

Winding up!

In this article, we all discuss the symptoms, causes, and solutions of QuickBooks Error 15106 and I hope this will be helpful for you and may you follow all the steps correctly to solve the QuickBooks unrecoverable errors. If you have some other issues then visit our other articles also.


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