How Technology Plays a Key Role in the Education System


Technology has transformed the education sector and how. A few years back, the technology used in the educational setting was limited to the computer lab and a couple of machines in the administrative office and the principal’s chamber. A few good institutions had some overhead projectors in one or two classrooms, and that was about it.

But now, educational institutions are increasingly using technology to streamline their administrative and tutoring process. Many have started using all-inclusive school management software to manage a wide array of functions. As per a study by Market Insights Report, the school management software market is projected to witness huge growth by 2025. In this blog post, we detail how technology helps all stakeholders in the education system.

How technology helps teachers:

Technology plays a huge role in helping teachers to teach efficiently and effectively. Here’s how educators can leverage technology in their activities:

  • Check the attendance: An average teacher spends nearly ten minutes on roll calls per class, 15-20 percent of class time. With an online attendance system, they no longer have to check the attendance manually. They can do that using an app, which will take less than a minute of their time. Some schools also have punch-in and RFID systems for students.
  • Teach online via videoconferencing: In the last two years, teachers have used numerous technology tools to teach their students, which included teaching via videoconferencing. Although it is considered less impactful compared to offline teaching, it still has a few advantages. More tech-savvy students found it more appealing. It also provided students with the option to ask their doubts over chat and made teaching more interactive.
  • Develop reflective materials: Technology can help teachers develop high-quality content and provide an excellent learning experience to their students. Educators can use various useful apps and zlibrary websites to develop good content.
  • Conduct online tests: Online tests are more precise and objective than paper-based ones. The availability of many online tools enabled teachers to prepare multiple-choice questions and take online tests at regular intervals.
  • Assign homework and assignments: Teachers also use technology to give homework and assignments and collect that from students. They can set deadlines and reminders and send them to their students.

How technology helps administrators:

Technology helps administrators in the following ways:

  • Manage schedules: The importance of schedules in an educational institution is immense. Good school management software can help administrators manage fees, semester schedules, course schedules, event schedules, and examination schedules. A well-designed schedule creates a natural routine for teachers and students.
  • Announcements: Using technology, school administrators can make important announcements. It helps students to be aware of key events and developments in their institutions.
  • Manage staff: School administrators can use technology to delegate responsibility, manage shifts, assign work roles to different staff, and register the compensation and incentives.
  • Fees Management: School management software also helps administrators in managing the fee schedule. They can also know the previous transaction reports, send notifications before the due date, and manage the payment facilities.
  • Publishing exams results: Apart from managing examination schedules, administrators of educational institutions also publish exam grade reports as well as report score analysis.

How technology helps students

In the last two years, technology has played a major role in students’ learning and development. It enables students to:

  • Attend online classes: Using technology, students can attend online classes and learn from the safety of their homes.
  • Access to learning material: Technology provides students with easy access to learning materials. They can find reference materials, e-books, sample question papers, prior year question papers, and more. They can use the resources to enhance their knowledge.
  • Complete assignments and homework: Many schools have their portals to upload and submit assignments and projects. Apart from using that, students can take the help of various online resources and materials to work on their assignments and homework. This can help students to prepare for the technology-driven world where they will need to work using technology.
  • Store important files and documents: Students can use cloud storage to store their important documents. Some school management software integrates a file tracking system that helps administrators, educators, and students to track their files.
  • Share the knowledge: Technology enables students from all corners of the world to share knowledge and collaborate. Using the internet and online tools, students can connect and benefit from the interactions.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities: Students can use the internet to participate in many extracurricular activities such as online essay competitions, quiz competitions, seminars, storytelling sessions, poetry writing, among others. This will help in building a well-rounded personality.

How technology helps parents

Technology plays a huge role in helping the parents as well. It does so in the following ways:

  • Monitor their wards: A suitable school management software can enable parents to monitor their wards and track their progress. The online attendance systems also send them attendance reports via mail and SMS as well as can inform their wards’ whereabouts.
  • Know what’s taught and homework details: Parents can also know the subjects taught to their wards as well as the homework assigned to them. This will enable them to take active participation in their child’s education.
  • Know the exam results and progress of their wards: Through technology, parents can know the exam results and the progress of their wards.


Technology is an excellent enabler in the education system. It benefits all stakeholders in the system. At MyEdu, we help educational institutions leverage technology through our school management software and application. To know how we do it, contact our team for a demo.

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