Top 5 Physical Security Consulting Services You Must Know

Security Consulting Services

In the age of rising security concerns, businesses face constant change in the threats as criminals adopt new methods. With a proper risk management program, it is easier to assess security threats and vulnerabilities. However, to create a cost-effective yet realistic strategy, it is important to get a security consultant’s advice. 

To identify threats and develop security protection objectives, it is crucial to undertake comprehensive project context evaluation while taking all types of threats into account. 

This blog emphasizes the top five physical security consulting services to help you have a better understanding of why your business needs physical security. 

Designing Physical Security System

Physical security refers to the use of fences or barriers such as blast-resistant glazing and better structural design to deter or defeat an attack. It also entails utilizing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) methods including road blockers, bollards, boom barriers, and tire killers to create a standoff from a building, along with landscaping, luggage screening, street architecture, and metal detectors.

Furthermore, it is much simpler to make public areas in the vicinity of buildings safer by following Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles – this utilizes the architectural design of vicinities where people reside and congregate to deter potential criminals from committing crimes.

Other technologies include:

  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Real-time locating systems
  • Emergency notification devices
  • Communications systems
  • Perimeter protection design
  • Security alarms 
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Prohibited substance/object detection equipment
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Security Management Systems (SMS)

Constructing Smart Buildings

Security must be built in from the start when designing a system – all of these systems must be handled holistically, with foresight, using a multidisciplinary approach. With security consulting services, you can develop a strategy for both converged data networks and smart technology which factors in security elements to increase resilience, monitoring, and functionality.

Building Risk Mitigation Plans

Risk mitigation strategies connect assets to risks and are action plans for reducing or minimizing the adverse consequences of perceived or known risks in the business. Procedures, system controls, and personnel training are some prominent examples of mitigation techniques – that differ from one company to another.

Running Vulnerability & Threat Assessments

Almost every business is exposed to a certain level of risk linked to various threats – these threats could be a result of malicious activities. Despite the consequences of the threat, business owners are obliged to reduce and manage the risks posed by these threats to the greatest extent possible. 

Forming Security Development Plans

The development of incident response plans in accordance with governance, risk, and compliance criteria is a crucial part of enterprise resilience – these are provided through organizational training and procedures development. For instance, responsibility identification and escalation. Moreover, resilience planning involves Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Management Systems, and Crisis Management.

Concluding Thoughts

No one wants to pay for assistance before a problem arises. However, waiting for a security breach to occur could have disastrous implications. Therefore, in today’s litigious world, organizations are increasingly being sued for negligent security — either a lack of security or insufficient security. One of the most effective methods to decrease liability and improve the overall security and safety of your business is to work with a security consultant to identify security weaknesses and build policies, processes and plans to address security issues.

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