7 Worst Cartoon Series Remakes That Are a Waste of Time

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Though cartoon remakes are getting better and better by the day, there are still some shows that you just cannot recreate with the same level of authenticity and creativity.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of these cartoon remakes that are a waste of time for you. These shows have taken the same stories and added unnecessary content and have done experiments with different art styles that just don’t fit well with the original shows.

Here is our list of worst cartoon series that you must avoid watching

  • Teen Titans Go

This show previously had pretty well-designed characters and a story arc that made us emotional as well as excited. This newer version has a pretty standard storyline that tends to focus more on shenanigans than actual action. You can read Teen Titans comic books on comic books websites like the way you read manga for anime on mangastream platform. 

The series is more popular among young kids and if you are an older fan of the show who has watched the original series, we are sure that you will not appreciate this new take on the show. 

  • Ben 10 Omniverse

There are many things that make this Ben 10 series worse and the most obvious one is the visuals and animation. The only reason we fell in love with this show in the first place was the animation and well-drawn aliens.

The series also has many complex and often pointless storylines and that is why we think you should stick to some other show instead.

  • The Powerpuff Girls

The culprit here as well is low-budget animation and poorly executed action sequences. The characters also do not seem consistent with the original show and that just makes the show terrible for older fans.

When you talk about villains, they too are not as sadistic, and cruel as they were in the original show. This series made the show unbearable due to its poor storytelling and countless plot holes.

  • Loonatics Unleashed

This show took our adorable and naughty loony tune characters and tried to turn them into futuristic edge lords. The show fell flat on the audience because people watch this show for its sheer comedic genius and hilarious encounters between the characters.

You take that out from this show and the whole thing just falls apart which is exactly what happened with this show.

  • Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon

This take on the already adult-targeted show resulted in something even gross and unwatchable. The main attraction of the show was its witty dialogues and the animation that was creatively tacky.

The show has received severe criticism from the old fans, and it did not do well on any platform.

  • Tom and Jerry Kids

People have mixed views about this show some think it was great to say their favorite characters are a little younger and more suitable for the kids. However, most fans seem to argue that the show was already made for kids of all ages.

It had all the hilarious situations that had less to do with the story and more with how the characters do things. So, there was no need for the remake and that is why the show was discouraged greatly by fans.

  • Flinstone Kids

This show also disappointed so many fans for its low-quality animation and lack of creativity. The main object of the original was to link the modern world and ancient times in a fun and crazy way which the show seemed to miss. You can watch this cartoon show on kimcartoon or other online cartoon streaming services.

You never get to see your old favorite characters of the show in action which was the reason you fell in love with the show in the first place.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the worst cartoon remakes that you need to avoid if you value your time. These shows were criticized by both fans and critics alike. They lacked the authenticity and charm that the original shows had.

This is why we suggest you avoid watching these shows and find something else that has better reviews and critic ratings. We hope this information has helped you figure out which shows to avoid watching and we wish you the very best for finding the ones that you truly like.

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