Bathroom Reconstruction: Mostly Ignored Part of Your Home Needs an Upgrade


Bathroom, the most underrated yet most useful part of any home. Many people often do not pay any heed to reorganizing the bathroom once built, while others pay less attention while making a new bathroom.

Not paying any attention to the bathroom is a serious problem. The bathroom plays an important role to keep your family healthy and clean. So, it is much important to build this part of your home with a great attention

If you are thinking to upgrade your bathroom or change the plan you already have, there are processes you need to follow. The first process would be to plan what you need in addition to what you have. Moreover, you need to set which things you do not want anymore or want to upgrade.

After finishing the generalized plan, now you can move to the second stage. In this stage, you have to draw a floor plan for your bathroom. There are several ways to do that.

You can sit with a pencil and paper. Draw as you want. Mind it, this is the initial stage. You have to turn this preliminary hand sketch into a fine 3D drawing so that your engineer or contractor can understand your viewpoint and add the amenities as per your demand. Do not forget to add the measurements of your bathroom including or excluding the wall thickness. In this phase, you can make a plan to arrange your things a bit more. For example, if your shower is on the left and you want it to move to the right, you should change the position in this phase and check how it goes with your current plan.

Now you should move to a more professional way. You have to choose wisely how to generate a 3D plan for your bathroom using a bathroom floor planner. This is because there are numerous expensive tools in the market. Not only expensive they are really hard to learn and need at least 6 months of learning course to prepare a 2D plan.

To make a 3D plan, I will show you how can you make it without any purchase means for free. There is an online software named roomtodo. Roomtodo is fully free(there is a pro plan, but you would not need it to design your bathroom). Most importantly, it is extremely easy to use. It is such easy that, if you how to operate a computer and browse the internet, you have enough knowledge to design your first 3D house, room not only your bathroom.

Upon heading to roomtodo, the first work you have to do is to redraw the hand sketch you have. You already have the measurements and a pre-plan on how you want your bathroom to be in the future. 

Create a new project in roomtodo. Go to the ‘Draw walls’ option on the left-hand side of your browser. From the right-hand side, pan draw the walls, rooms, custom shape rooms, floor, etc. Just make it look like the drawing you have in your hand. If you already have any pre-made computerized drawing you can also upload it from the right side pan named ‘upload floorplan image’. If you use this feature you can work on your drawing and make your drawing without needing expertise.

Now you need to add a door or window. For that, you need to use the wall cutout option. Similarly, you can use the floor cutout option if you need to cut out the floor to pass the water lines or sewer lines, you can do that using the floor cutout option.

Now click on the 3D button on the left pane. Your 2D drawing will be converted to a 3D drawing without spending any time. This is the feature I like most actually.

Now as your bathroom 3D plan is ready, you need to add paint. Choose coverings options from the right pane and paint your walls as you like. On the same menu, you will have the floor covering options too.

There may have some bathroom furniture you want to place in a corner or at any suitable position. To add furniture, go to the ‘furniture’ menu on the left pane and choose the ‘bathroom’ option. From this option, you can add a bathroom cabinet, basin, bathtub, and all other types of furniture. Add the furniture to your design and you are close to making your first 3D bathroom drawing ever.

You may need to add lighting or other electrical appliances to your bathroom. You can add the electrical appliances from the ‘Electrical Appliances’ menu on the right pane. Add them without giving a second thought.

Now is the time to do some bathroom decor. From the decor option, you can add mirrors, pictures, vases, plants, textiles, and many other options. Add as you need it.

You are almost done!! Now it’s time to check how your design looks from a different angle. To check that, you can use camera settings. Use the camera settings, to check how it looks? If you need to change anything you can just delete it and add something else to replace it.

The most important feature of roomtodo is, you can use it by dragging and dropping an item. So, actually, if you can use a mouse, you are good to go. No need to have any expertise in it.

Secondly, you need not install it on your PC like the other traditional heavy CAD software. So, roomtodo will not slow down your PC and the works will go faster.

Everyone knows reconstructing any home or room is a costly thing. If there is a way to save some extra bucks anyone would try to achieve it. Roomotodo is a completely free tool to design a home, house, or any room. You can use roomtodo to design your bathroom all by yourself.

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