Consider when you are transferring property


Red tape and packing are two things that make homes a very challenging experience. Many people around the world say that it is the most stressful of all life activities, always consider everything.

However, different aspects of moving sorted home are more important than others. Getting legal help and notifying your utility companies about removal is significantly more important than making sure your toothbrush is ready to be removed.

There is certainly a lot to think about when making a transfer, and in the end to let a lot of people and companies know about your change of address.

There are many things to think about when changing addresses, below we see five.

  • Once you find your dream home, always plan for the future. If you are a tenant, make sure you give your landlord the necessary notice before moving. If you own a home and want to move directly to another property, make sure you inform your lawyer of your intentions.
  • Make a list of all your assets and choose what you are moving forward with and what you are leaving behind. Double-check your content insurance, and read the fine print before hiring a removal team so you know your rights in case something goes wrong.
  • Always remember you’re important documents, never forget them. Birth certificates, driving licenses, medical records are all important documents that can be very difficult or expensive to replace. Warranties and documents for new homeowners may be for new owners. There aren’t many of us who take everything with us, including the kitchen sink, so the kitchen worktop, water boiler, and air conditioning unit won’t move.
  • What to do when moving. This includes DVLA, bank, and passport offices, as well as family and friends. It’s important to let your utility companies know that you’re raising the bar, and always let them know if you want to continue the service in your new home. Your solicitor will tell the council you transferred, but to be safe make sure the council is aware and your lawyer has done their job. And don’t forget about your satellite or cable TV providers, Internet service providers, and mobile phone networks.
  • Keep records of all people or companies that have mailed you for 12 months before you moved. That way you know who to contact when changing address cards. Christmas cards can be hidden on the net and sent to the wrong address, but this way most people will be aware of your move.

A guide to cleaning when moving house

When you are ready to move into your new home, you need to make sure that you have a moving house cleaning plan for your old and new home. The plan should include cleaning activities for each room of the house so that you can ensure that any dust and dirt has been washed properly so that you can enjoy your new home.

The kitchen

High on your list of moving house cleaning plans, the kitchen should be cleaned. Considering all the food preparation and cooking that is done, it is essential to disinfect each surface. It is also important to clean cabinets and cabinets of any kind due to cans and other sharp objects.

Also, all your appliances, especially refrigerators and microwaves, should be thoroughly cleaned – especially before you go inside. You are less likely to clean it after you move into your new home, as it will probably get you tired of unpacking and storing everything.

Bathroom and toilet

You should focus on the bathroom and toilet after your cleaning list. You disinfect and clean every surface like the kitchen and take special care to clean the floor. Inspect closets and cabinets to make sure everything is removed and clean walls if necessary. Once done, stop your moving house cleaning plan.


If the bedroom floors are carpeted at your old address and you live in a lease there, you may be forced to clean them on a contractual basis. Perhaps you need to show clear proof to the landlord or their real estate agent. So hiring a professional carpet cleaning service would be essential.

In addition, plan to clean your moving room by scrubbing the walls of any scarf mark as well as any built-in wardrobe, if they are in the bedroom.

Living area

In seating areas, make sure all floors are thoroughly cleaned and hire a professional house cleaning service if necessary. You can then focus on the walls and the fireplace (if you have one). After cleaning these areas, you can see any small cracks where dirt may be stuck.

Having a plan for house cleaning will help you to effectively organize and manage the necessary house cleaning responsibilities when you move house. 

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