Cupcakes boxes: What is the role of colors in your packaging?

Gold Cupcake Boxes

According to research, colors can greatly affect our lives. They help us retain things, and associate certain experiences with certain things. They also raise specific emotions in you. Brands need to be very careful when they are choosing the color themes for their packaging as well as the brand itself. The reason behind this is that colors will help the customer feel a certain way. For example, the red and yellow theme of MacDonald’s always send an excitement running through you if you see the packaging anywhere. This is because the colors trigger a memory of the pleasant experience you had with McDonald’s.

Similarly, colors also play a role in cupcake boxes for sure. If you visit a cupcake selling bakery you will notice that they follow either of the two themes; a flamboyant, saliva-inducing themes or very elegant, light colored neutral themes. The reason behind this is that colors play a huge role in deciding which food tastes best and we will discover this in the coming paragraphs.

Having a look at color psychology in marketing:

If you are wondering what color psychology is, let us explain it to you. “Color psychology is an area of research that looks at how color influences our behavior and decision-making. When used in marketing, for example, different colors can impact the way buyers perceive a brand in ways that aren’t always apparent, such as how certain hues can increase appetite.” Color psychology entails that colors indeed play a significant role in cupcake packaging as well. Let us see how color affects cupcake packaging.

How colors affect cupcakes?

Colors can affect any foods. We gave the example of MacDonald’s packaging that has the color yellow and red. These colors help customers associate the brand with fun, taste and sunny experience. On the other hand, Layers use neutral, light pink shades. These hues give an impression of comforting foods.

Colors in the food industry:

Different colors hold different significance in the food industry. They influence the perception of flavor and taste of a specific food.

  1. Blue color often leads people to lose their appetite because it is a rare color in nature.
  2. On the other hand, red color is perceived as sweet. So, many people associate it with good taste and flavor.

Cupcakes are very sweet and delicious. They are a source of comfort food for very people who enjoy them with tea or with coffee. Most often bakers use rich food-coloring to give cupcakes a beautiful color that looks appetizing. Browns, red, pink and off-white colors are used in combination to make them look scrumptious as well as promising. Various color-themes are also followed to create fun contrasts that will catch the eye of the customer and compel them to take those mouth-watering cakes away from their shelves. Compelling colors can indeed win customers over!

Cupcake packaging: gold cupcake boxes with colorful printing?

Cupcake packaging can be both elegant and colorful. Bakeries in places such as Korea, China and Japan use light, pink and blue hues to decorate their bakeries as well as their cupcakes. The pastel colors can create a very pleasant image for the customers and give them a sense of comfort. In other countries, light contrasts are used by bakeries to create a fun look. An example is that of Dunkin’ Donuts. The donut brand used bright pink and brown tones to set the theme of their brand and tantalize customers into buying their products.

Gold cupcake boxes or colorful cupcake boxes both work if you are able to create the right packaging. Your boxes need to be not only a perfect balance of fun, and rich flavor; it also needs to showcase the theme of the brand properly. Gold cupcake boxes needs to be designed carefully for it to exceed expectations and look flavorful and attractive.

Custom Cupcake boxes can be customized:

Custom cupcake boxes are your way of creating something that inspires your customer and compel them to buy your cupcakes. Custom cupcake packaging is highly crucial now-a-days when competition is booming. Even better are the printed Cupcake boxes.

Here are the reasons to this:

  • They compliment your cupcakes greatly, elevating the product by ten folds.
  • Help you advance your branding techniques.
  • Provide all the basic information to your customer that they want to know about your brand.

Know that today’s consumer is very passionate about appearance. If they buy your cupcakes as a present for someone then they will want them to look the best. If the cupcakes are to be consumed by their loved one then they need to carry a certain message of love, care and effort in their taste. Packaging of your cupcake can impress the customer in a number of ways. The more creativity the cupcakes present the better it is. “Picking up ideas from rival brands is also not a bad idea.”  It allows you to see what your packaging is missing and fulfilling those gaps easily. Over-all customization is a great way to achieve the desired result. It can make your cupcakes stand out for sure.

Coming back to the color in cupcake packaging, there are a few points you need to take care of. First things first, ensure that your color schemes are unique. This will attract the customers. Ensure that you take the preference of your customers into account as well. Furthermore, be very cautious of using off-putting colors. Remember that a wrong color theme can actually make customers walk away from your cupcakes. The product packaging needs to make your customer salivate. If the themes are not correct the desired result will not be achieved. We advise you to visit a professional and ask them for advice. They will be able to best tell you what colors you can use and why. Colors of your cupcake boxes can lure in your customers as much as they can have them skittering away!

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