How To Design The Best Italian Restaurant In Los Angeles?

best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles

Want to get into the restaurant business? Deciding on what design language to use when planning your Italian restaurant can be hard especially when you want to stay true to the roots of Italian culture. Elements like lighting and furniture may seem simple but they have the power to change the entire vibe of the room. So, going with something that fairly represents the culture can help you design the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Let’s discuss a few ideas!

3 Ideas to build the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles:


The type of décor in your restaurant instantly sets the mood. Using a backdrop that complements the rest of the vibe is crucial. Brick wallpaper goes great with an ivory background color on the wall. Decorating the walls with paintings of influential Italian celebrities keeps the tradition alive. These murals can be used to teach people about Italian culture by providing a short description of all of them. Another option is to go for an archaic look with lanterns hanging from the wall and soil-like color tones for backdrops.

Sitting Arrangement:

Planning where the dining booths should go is important. It needs to be planned in a way that leaves enough room for people to walk and has sufficient space for them to not feel trapped when dining. For the aesthetic, going for a vintage style with wooden tabletops gives a unique Italian feel. Going with cushioned back seats with plain designs is a safe bet but boring at the same time. If you really want to stand out from the rest, trying a distinctive arrangement is your best bet. You can take inspiration from some of the best Italian burrata restaurants like Burrata House if you can’t think of something particularly exciting.


Good lighting separates great restaurants from good ones. If you have a lighting setup that sufficiently illuminates the entire space and has a nice aesthetic to go with it, you can attract more customers. For an instant upgrade, go for small chandeliers that hang in the middle of every booth. Different design patterns in the chandelier are a nice touch as they reflect on any surface the light falls. Get creative with this idea. For example, add little cutouts of ingredients used in your dishes that can project onto the table while people dine.

The key to designing a good Italian restaurant is to slightly modify the styles that already exist. By doing that, you stay true to the history of restaurant décor while constantly evolving it along the way. It can even spark new ideas and give you a unique perspective. Remember to always take professional help when it comes down to the technicalities of architecture. A good architect will listen to your ideas and tell you how to implement them in the best way possible.

Designing the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles is not an easy job by any means. We believe the tips discussed today can help you create something truly special!

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