9 Winter Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Blinds

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The winter season is between June and August. Unlike winters in other countries, Australian weather is pleasant, and temperatures can become as low as five degrees. But many people face difficulties when it comes to maintaining outdoor blinds because the weather can become extreme. The nights can become frosty, and you can experience snow, hail, and rain that can damage the window treatments installed outside.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Blinds

It is vital to take care of outdoor window blinds during the winter; if you want to increase their lifespan. People either forget to maintain this window treatment or don’t do it because of extreme weather. But maintenance is essential even during the winter.

Consider Replacing Damaged Blinds Immediately

It has been recommended by window blinds experts in replacing the window treatments when the damage starts giving you financial disadvantages like an increase in energy bills, not keeping the house warm during the winter season, and not providing privacy. It is a good idea to replace the window blinds before coming of the winter.

Open and Close Blinds Carefully

Handling the blinds softly is the best way to keep them running for a longer time. The crucial point to note is to close and open the blinds carefully. Also, you should clean and apply oil to the working mechanism for smooth functioning.

Clean Window Treatments Immediately

The weather conditions in Australia during the winter might become extreme. People can experience heavy rain, snow, and hail that can gather on the window treatments. It has been recommended by installation companies like Outdoor Blinds Perth to immediately clear the snow and check for damages done by hail.

Keep Windows Closed During Windy Weather

Never make the mistake of leaving the window blinds open in the windy weather. The heavy winds can tear the blinds, so keep them closed during this weather condition. A locking mechanism can be installed to ensure proper protection.

Dust-Off Dirt First

Before you start washing off the window blinds, first, you have to dust off the dirt with the help of a dry cloth. Washing directly might create a layer of dust on the window blinds, and it will be challenging to clean them.

Use Recommended Cleaning Products

You can ask the window treatment companies to tell about the cleaning products that are the best for cleaning the blinds. Soap dissolved in warm water or a simple mixture of water and vinegar can be used.

Install Blinds of the Best Quality

You have to select the company that gives the best quality outdoor roller blinds because they will last the longest. You will not have to worry about replacing the blinds for at least fifteen years.

Retractable Blinds Outdoor Should have Warranty

The window treatment manufacturers should give a warranty for their products. Many of them give lifetime warranty, others for twenty or thirty years. It is also crucial to know if the company is giving repairing and maintenance services as well.

Be Gentle with the Window Blinds

You have to be gentle with the outdoor blinds in every aspect, including cleaning and handling. Rough handling and cleaning will damage the cloth and mechanical parts of the window treatments. 

By following these tips, you can increase the life of window blinds and maintain them in the best way all through the winter season.

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