How to Manage a Precious Pregnancy?

Precious Pregnancy

There are different types of people across the globe who are identical in their ways of living and thinking. Every day different types of couples visit their doctors every day complaining about accidental pregnancies. Some people get rid of such babies even before birth and some others let them complete development and take birth. This is only the single side of the picture; however, many people are there who want to conceive babies but fail to do so due to different fertility issues.

Despite their hard will of conceiving a baby, they cannot do so due to different mental and physical health issues. Such people visit their doctors and other specialists to turn their dream of having a baby into reality. They also take specialized treatments including IUI or IVF treatment in Lahore to achieve a pregnancy. Such a type of pregnancy that involves specialized assisted reproductive techniques is termed a precious pregnancy.

Some experts including the likes of Minkoff and Berkowitz in 2005 termed those babies as precious babies that take birth after a precious pregnancy. The reason behind this naming is simple as this pregnancy is definitely more valuable than the normal one as couples have it due to their strong will. Following are some basic methods and tips to manage a precious pregnancy.

Pointing the Risk Factors

This type of pregnancy comes after a long wait, patience, and treatments, there are some risk factors associated with it as well. So the primary thing to manage it is to identify these risks and try to eliminate them. Here are some common risk factors that you can have during this pregnancy.

  • The first risk factor is age. Usually, people try to achieve the baby through specialized treatments after waiting for a long time. If the mother’s age is more than 40 then the risk of miscarriage or other complications. This is due to the physical conditions of the body.
  • General medical conditions of the women also become a risk during this pregnancy. If women are healthy and don’t suffer from some serious health issues, then the risks will be low. But if the mother is suffering from diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. then certain complications can take place.
  • There might be certain issues in the reproductive system of the mother. This is also a risk factor and extra precautions must be taken.

Diagnostic Testing

Different types of tests have been suggested by doctors even during normal pregnancies. These tests become more valuable and mandatory during the precious pregnancy including some other tests as well, which are specifically related to this type of pregnancy. Blood tests, urine tests, and ultrasounds are routine tests for every type of pregnancy. However, some specific tests are also performed for special cases.

Tests including villus sampling, amniocentesis, and cordocentesis are performed to determine genetic problems. Similarly, special ultrasounds are also done to check the cervical length which can give an idea about premature labour.

General Precaution

After determining the risk factors and performing diagnostic testing, the next thing is to follow some pregnancy precautions. Following are some general pregnancy precautions that everyone must follow during this critical period.

  • The first thing to be concerned about during pregnancy is your diet. Make sure that you are taking a balanced diet during this period. No matter if you are hav8ng a normal or precious pregnancy, diet precautions are the same for both.
  • As eating some specialized food items is mandatory during pregnancy, similarly, avoiding a variety of foods is also necessary. Avoiding certain types of fish is on top of this list as these might include mercury which is dangerous for you and your child.
  • Staying away from alcohol and smoking is as necessary during pregnancy as staying away from a Covid-19 infected person. Consumption of caffeine must be minimized as well as it is also dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Try to protect yourself and the growing fetus inside your body, from every sort of food and environmental toxins.

If you have taken a specialized female infertility treatment and are going through a precious pregnancy, then follow all the above instructions so that you can manage it in an appropriate manner.

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