Why Medical Intervention Is Needed For Barbiturate Withdrawal Treatment

Withdrawal Treatment

You will see that rehab facilities like Daylight Detox can help with Barbiturates withdrawal. Barbiturates withdrawal symptoms are typically life-threatening; so, proper medical intervention is needed if you are an addict staying in Florida. You need to visit a drug rehab in Florida that offers this service.

Know what Barbiturates addiction is:

Barbiturates are essentially sedatives that were used for curing conditions like insomnia and anxiety. Today, these drugs have been replaced with benzodiazepines for fear of overdose and increased dependence. However, Barbiturates continue to be used for anesthetic purposes and for treating seizures.

The continuous usage of Barbiturates, whether for recreational or medicinal reasons, can lead to dependence. Users start to experience fewer side effects, and they increase their intake of the drug. This leads the body to crave for these drugs because it gets used to the regular intake of Barbiturates. So, when you stop its use suddenly, you will experience many withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms cannot be handled at home; you must search for “drug rehabs near me” online to find help.

Symptoms of withdrawal:

Some of the common symptoms of Barbiturates withdrawal, which rehabs in Florida are used to dealing with, include the following:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Tremors and seizures
  • Delirium and hallucinations

Many of these symptoms can prove to be dangerous unless immediately treated. For instance, seizures are usually life-threatening, while delirium can lead addicts to experience agitation or hyperthermia. The symptoms typically last between 4-7 days when they are mild and for about 7-14 days when they are severe. Medical intervention is absolutely imperative for tackling Barbiturates withdrawal symptoms. Quality Florida dr??thegamnug rehab facilities will be equipped to handle these.

Drug detox in Florida centers will use a variety of treatment options for dealing with Barbiturates withdrawal treatment. During withdrawal treatment, the doctor tapers down the dosage. Tapering helps to reduce the intensity of symptoms immediately, and the addict is ready to start his recovery process.

Detox can be done in alcohol detox centers in Florida offering this service. It could be completed either in a detox center or inpatient rehab. The inpatient program will have other services like medical care, therapy, support group meetings, etc. Hospitals/detox facilities will mainly focus on the treatment; their staff can give you referrals to other facilities once the addict is ready to be discharged.

Outpatient programs are a better option for those suffering from milder Barbiturates withdrawal symptoms. Here, the patient will visit the clinic on specific days to meet with his doctors and get a tapered dose. Detoxification will require one or two weeks because symptoms are hard to manage on one’s own. 

Detox allows the addict to safely stop using these drugs. Even after the initial withdrawal stage is over, addicts must continue with their follow-up treatment. This systematic intervention helps them understand and deal with underlying issues which trigger Barbiturates addiction. For both outpatient and inpatient programs, rehab will focus on group therapy and individual therapy.

The only difference being that the patient must visit the facility if he chooses the first option and stays in the facility in the second option. Inpatient programs are naturally more intensive and offer round-the-clock supervision. These may last for 28-90 days and even longer in certain cases. These are highly recommended for addicts who have coexisting mental health issues or stay in unhealthy environments. Community-based support groups can offer much-needed support for addicts, like Narcotics Anonymous.

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