How To Save Money When Buying Beauty Products: 5 Pro Tips That Help Everytime

Save money

Being well-groomed, glammed up, and looking your best boosts your confidence and self-esteem. While some beauty products retail at pocket-friendly prices, most beauty products are in the same category as drugstore essentials such as drugs and may break your bank account.

It is okay to dish out a couple of dollars for that designer lipstick or mascara you’ve been eyeing once in a while, but daily beauty products should not milk your savings account dry. We have compiled five interesting tricks that will put money back in your pockets.

Five ways in which you can save money when shopping for beauty products

The following tips will help you save money when buying your favorite beauty brands:

Shop for multi-use items

Multi-use beauty items can serve more than one purpose. For instance, some beauty brands will have eyeliner on one end and a brow brush on the other. When you buy such a product, you save the money you could have spent buying the eyeliner and brow brush separately. Look out for multi-use beauty products in your local store or online and save those pennies.

Use promo codes and coupon codes

There are so many sites offering promo codes and coupon codes for beauty products. By using these codes, you buy most of the items at half the price or discounted rates. offers crazy deals on beauty products by partnering with Online Stores that stock your favorite brands. Check out these promo codes the next time you want something to glam up your look.

Jump on holiday discounts and Black Friday sales

Whether local or online, beauty products retailers offer customers discounts and offers during the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. If you can make a point of buying your beauty products only when they are on offer, you will save some dollars. Similarly, retailers will give black Friday deals to clear old stock or dispose of almost-expiring items. Take on such opportunities to save a few dollars that you can use on other bills.

Become a member of exclusive loyalty programs

Some stores, such as Sephora, give cash discounts, gifts, and free samples to customers who have signed up for their loyalty programs. As a member, you get loyalty points whenever you buy an item in the store. You can redeem these points to pay for a product. Moreover, some stores will send you to cash back amounts that you can use to shop for assorted products within a specified period.

Shop the cheaper duplicates

Most designer brands are expensive, and the only time you can afford them is after months of saving for one product.   But do you know you can enjoy almost similar qualities by buying a dupe or a drugstore equivalent?

Yes. You will find dupes placed next to the original brands but at a lower price. For instance, If you are shopping for a L’Oréal concealer, you may see an almost identical concealer branded LoReal retailing at half the cost of the genuine brand.


Sopping for beauty products doesn’t have to dry up your bank accounts every time. You can spend less by using promo codes, coupon codes, holiday discounts, buying multi-use items, and going for drug store dupes. Moreover, you can sign up for store loyalty programs that give you discount privileges, gifts, and free samples.

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