Opening a website has always been the first step that companies take to build their web presence. Even today, in a web largely modified by the birth of numerous 2.0 platforms, the website remains the fulcrum of the online presence of most commercial activities.

We provide the best Richmond web design. Our web design proposal has always been characterized by attention to the performance and usability of the sites we create. Our approach is therefore decidedly oriented towards marketing and the possibility of expanding online businesses.

WordPress, a professional and effective solution

We develop sites by poisoning ourselves with most of the CMS available on the market but our standard solution – which we usually recommend – involves the use of WordPress, a solid, effective and easily manageable platform independently even by those who have no programming skills.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to get to know this CMS in depth, personally verifying its potential and flexibility of use. We are therefore able to guarantee any kind of assistance on this platform, even after going online.

Web design is SEO optimization

We at Richmond  web design think that the SEO optimization of websites is now a sine qua non of web design. And we, therefore, include it for free in any project that we are entrusted with putting online.

We meticulously take care of the URL architecture. And content structuring advising our prospects on the best solutions for search engines.

The Juno template: unmatched speed and optimization

The Juno space probe was launched into orbit on August 5, 2011 by NASA. She has several prominent scientific goals and is expected to finish her mission in February 2018.

Juno is not aesthetically ugly, but neither is it particularly beautiful. In fact, more than a technological jewel it looks like a big fan.

But he got an incredible record. Juno is in fact the object made by man to have reached the highest speed ever: 265,000 km / h. Not bad!

We at Richmond web design , therefore, titled the template created entirely by the members of Richmond Web design after Juno. It is an extremely minimal template from a design point of view but it has extraordinary strengths: it is very fast and hyper-optimized for search engines. The right solution for those looking for efficiency, without limitations.

Web design is, of course, beauty!

Obviously, not everyone needs sites that achieve very high performance in terms of optimization. Some sectors, on the other hand, require particular attention to design in an aesthetic sense.

In this case we usually propose two different options that we believe can satisfy both the graphic and aesthetic needs of our customers.

The first standard option uses one of the many templates available for WordPress, which we carefully select in agreement with the customer. We then take care of customizing and optimizing the template for the specific case. It is a solution that is absolutely suitable for most sites, ie a solution that allows you to find an excellent balance between performance, aesthetic appeal and prices.

The second option instead, provides a template for WordPress entirely developed by Richmond Web design based on the graphic needs of the Client. It is a suitable solution for those who need to open a website with original and unique graphics due to the particular sector in which it operates.

Finally, the ‘restyling’ service

But the web design options are naturally plentiful. The web is proceeding, like all the technology sector, ‘at a beating pace’. What was pioneering just a few years ago may have become obsolete today.

For example, many have a website that is no longer able to compete with ‘modern sites’ in terms of aesthetics, speed or usability.

It is not always necessary to redo the site from scratch. Often it is possible to intervene on the site currently online, improving it. The cases are very numerous. Static sites whose graphics are still valid, change or modification of the layout, transition from an obsolete CMS to WordPress, seo optimizations … To respond to all these cases we have thought of a restyling service: we give new life to your old site, without however, build a new version from scratch.



  • Thanks to the help of HTML5 and CSS3 I create very lean, fast and snappy sites, optimized for all mobile devices. This kind of site is intended for the professional who wants to show his work and tell a little about his professional history.


  • Already more complex website, which provides several features, through CMS such as WordPress. I can access a personal area, manage pages, articles and subscribed users. This kind of site is usually intended for companies.


  • Ecommerce is the ideal solution for those who want to focus everything on online business. I strongly advise against selling any type of product online, but only something unique or original, in this way you will not have to collide with very strong competition.


  • Creating an ad Hoc funnel is the key to obtaining more and more precise results over time. This will save us on advertising and help us automate our workflow. Being able to segment your target allows us to offer a personalized service for each type of customer.


  • The landing page, or landing page, also has its considerable importance. Its value increases when connected to a pay per click campaign. The user who browses clicks on the PPC ad and lands on this simple and clear page, with the possibility of finalizing a conversion (filling in a form or purchasing a product).


  • Designing a pay per click campaign requires a lot of SEM skills. It is necessary to calculate an infinite number of factors: competitors, keywords, budget to invest, search volumes and more. The best known and most used campaigns in Italy are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. I recommend avoiding DIY in this kind of campaign, you could lose a lot of money without getting any results.

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