Types and Uses of Industrial Chains


At present, there are many kinds of sprockets and chains on the market, which are often used not only in industry, but also in life. Now let’s learn about the types of chains

Chains are divided into four types according to different uses and functions: transmission chainconveying chain, traction chain and special chain.

1. The transmission chain is mainly used to transmit power, which is divided into: Extensible chain, roller chain and chain tooth chain.

2. Extensible chain: heavy load chain, used in coal drag mechanism, elevator conveyor belt. The links are connected by steel pins.

3. Roller chain: at present, roller chain is widely used in various mechanical equipment. The main structure of roller chain is composed of chain plate, chain pin, sleeve, roller, etc.

4. Toothed chain: also known as silent chain, it is composed of many split blocks. Each split block can form an infinite number of flexible racks with various widths through pin connection.

5. Conveying chain: a chain used to transmit power. For example: long pitch conveyor chain, short pitch roller conveyor chain, double speed conveyor chain, double pitch roller conveyor chain, etc.

6. Traction chain: it is mainly used for traction and lifting. For example: Fishing chain, binding chain, etc.

Use of chain

1. Self smooth chain: some parts are made of sintered metal soaked with smooth oil. This kind of chain has excellent wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant functions, no maintenance (maintenance free) and long service life. It is widely used in places with high stress, wear-resistant requirements and cannot be maintained frequently, such as food industry automatic production line, bicycle racing, less maintenance and high-precision transmission machinery.

2. Sharp tooth chain: this kind of chain is widely used in the wood industry, such as wood feeding and output, cutting, conveyor escort, etc.

3. O-ring chain: an O-ring for sealing is installed between the chain plates in the roller chain list to prevent dust from entering and flowing out of the lap button. The chain is pre smoothed by severe. Because the chain has super strong parts and firm and smooth, it can be used in open transmission such as motorcycle.

4. Rubber chain: for this kind of chain, a U-shaped attachment plate is added to the outer chain link based on a and B series chains. Sticking rubber (such as Natural Rubber NR, silicone rubber Si, etc.) on the attachment plate can add wear ability, reduce noise and add shockproof ability. For escort.

5. Stainless steel chain: the part data is stainless steel. This kind of chain is suitable for use in food industry and places prone to chemical and corrosion. It can also be used in places with concave convex temperature.

6. Hollow pin chain: used for escort, single pitch, double pitch and long pitch. Accessories or cross bars can pierce any link of the chain without disassembling the chain.

7. Agricultural machinery chain: agricultural machinery chain is used for field homework machinery, such as hand-held stretcher, thresher, combined harvester, etc. This kind of chain requires low cost but can accept impact and wear resistance. In addition, the chain should be coated with * * * or actively smooth.

8. High strength chain: it is a special roller chain. After improving the shape of the chain plate, thickening the chain plate, fine punching the chain plate hole and strengthening the heat treatment of the pin shaft, it can improve the tensile strength by 15 ~ 30%, and has superior impact function and fatigue function.

9. Agricultural clamping and escort chain: suitable for walking wheat and rice harvesters, fixed flexible rice and wheat threshers, and semi feeding combined harvesters.

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