Winter is Coming! Tips to Arrange the Best BBQ Party

BBQ Party

BBQ is considered a traditional dish in the United States. It’s so popular there that about 95% of people like to eat them. Many people start comparing it with pasta in terms of its high demand in the United States. But this comparison was totally useless as barbeque has not yet become as universal as pasta is.

It is usually believed that spring is the best season for barbequing and arranging BBQ parties. And the most difficult season to make them is winter as the temperature is low and it’s become hard to cook meat. But it never means that people stop eating barbecued meat, arranging barbeque parties, and buying BBQ sauce during winters. Despite all the hurdles that you have to face while grilling meat in winters, it’s still great fun to arrange a party during this time.

Hot and juicy BBQs taste even more delicious in the cold weather. Another thing to consider is that some eat them on a regular basis for certain purposes as they contain lower fats than other types of cooked meat. So you should be aware of different tips and techniques that can help you in arranging a party in the winter. Top listed tips are given below and these are going to do the trick for you.

Buy a Barbeque

If you are arranging parties continuously after some regular intervals of time then you will definitely have a barbeque at your home, and you only have to clean it and then connect with the fuel supply to start barbequing. But if you are arranging a barbeque party for the first time or you don’t own a barbeque due to some other reasons then you should immediately buy one for yourself.

While buying a barbeque keep certain things in your mind. First of all, it should be large enough to cook some extra amount of meat at the same time. This will help you to cook better and faster. Then try to buy the barbeque with a lid. This will be a great choice for barbequing in winters as cold breezes can delay the time of cooking. If you already have a barbeque without a lid, then simply buy a cover or lid for it to barbeque in winters.

Charcoal vs Gas – The Better Option

The next thing you should keep in mind is the selection of the right fuel to make barbecues. Usually, people love to use the traditional charcoal flame to cook meat in a barbeque, but this is quite time taking. During summers or springs this might not be a bug issue but during winters when the temperature falls even below zero, then using charcoal is not a wise choice as it will take a lot of time. Other than that, igniting them is a big challenge during winters.

So it is usually recommended that you should use a gas flame to cook BBQs during winter. This will start your work immediately and provide uniform heat to cook them from inside.

Use a Smoker

Using gas as fuel might not give the typical smell and smoky tastes to your BBQ. So if you want to enjoy the same smoky taste, you can use a smoker for that purpose. Using it is quite easy, you just have to place your BBQ inside it and wait for a few moments. Usually, people smoked the already cooked barbecues which is not a good option. You should do it by smoking a large piece of meat at the start and then grilling it in a barbeque.

Side Dishes

Regardless of the weather in which you are hosting a BBQ party, never forget or neglect the side dishes. You can make them easily. For example, you can simply serve fries with a dipping sauce. Similarly, you can buy a pizza sauce in Pakistan along with dough, pepperoni, and cheese and can make different types of rolls and slices out of them. You can also try something more creative in this regard. During winter a sweet dish can also replace the side dishes.

Keep in mind these tips and tricks to arrange your next winter BBQ part in a better way and to make it memorable.

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