How to Connect Nintendo DS to Wi-Fi?

Nintendo DS to Wi-Fi

Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming console produced by the multinational Japanese electronics company, Nintendo. The device was officially launched in the US back in November 2004. The ‘DS’ in Nintendo DS is an abbreviation for Dual Screen or Developers System. That’s because the system has two LCD screens, built-in microphone and is compatible with wireless internet connections such as Cox internet offers and others.

How to Connect Nintendo DS to Wi-Fi?

Playing online games is a lot of fun provided you have an internet connection with a good range as well as speed. But to enjoy online games on Nintendo DA, you have to connect the device to the internet. It’s important to stress here that all Nintendo DS devices do not support internet connectivity. Among the Wi-Fi internet compatible models are the Nintendo 2DS series and Nintendo 3DS series.

Below is a step-wise guide to connecting these game consoles to the Wi-Fi.

  • Go to the home menu of the Nintendo device. Then click ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Internet Settings.’ Once there, you need to click on ‘Connection Settings.’
  • Now select the ‘New Connection’ option and click ‘Manual Setup’. The device does not connect to the available internet automatically. Hence, you’ll have to set it up manually.
  • After selecting the manual setting, you need to click the option of ‘Search for Access Point.’ It will then search for the access points available.
  • After finding the access point, simply click on the name of the Wi-Fi connection and enter the security key. Press Ok and you’re all set to play online games on Nintendo.

Benefits of Using Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS has contributed significantly to the growth and popularity of the multinational Japanese company. There are a variety of reasons for the immense appeal of the Nintendo DS. Besides making the gaming experience fun, the handheld gaming device has other exciting features such as stereo sound, touch screen technology, and of course Wi-Fi support. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the key benefits of using the Nintendo DS.

#1. Bonding Opportunity

Playing games on Nintendo DS devices gives the parents and guardians a chance to spend quality time with their children. The device is fun to use for both children as well as adults. And even if you don’t have kids, you can still use it to strengthen your bonds with your family members, friends, and neighbors.

#2. Improves Mood

Nintendo DS is known to be a great mood booster. So if you feeling down or stressed owing to a situation at work or home, Nintendo DS can lift your spirits within a matter of minutes. That’s because playing games on this device is a highly immersive experience. Also, the immense variety of games that you can enjoy on Nintendo DS leave little room for boredom.

#3. Improves Mental Faculty

Besides fun and thrill, the games on Nintendo DS help improve mental faculty. When you’re playing games, you need to think hard to plan and implement your next move. Coming up with ways and tricks to beat the opponents demands strategic thinking. All this helps sharpen your mental faculty.

#4. Develops Motor Skills

Nintendo DS helps old and young gamers develop and enhance their motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination. This is because when you’re playing a game on Nintendo DS, you need to engage your hands as well as your eyes queenslandmax. Being able to use your brain, nervous system, and muscles together makes a person more confident, skilled, and efficient.

#5. Occupies Children

Another key benefit of the Nintendo DS is that it helps parents keep their children busy in productive play. Most parents struggle managing tasks and household chores because they are constantly bothered by their children. The Nintendo DS can provide them the time they need to finish their pending work while their kids are engrossed in thrilling games.


Nintendo is unarguably one of the biggest names in the video gaming and electronics industry. And Nintendo DS game console is one of its greatest offerings. Its wireless capabilities further increase its appeal and open opportunities for several future advancements. Having said that, excess of any kind of video games can be addictive, and Nintendo DS is no exception. So one needs to strike a balance to reap its benefits to the maximum.

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