How Not Having Custom Lotion Packaging Damages Your Brands


The key to success in the cosmetic industry is splendid appearances. Times have changed but mindsets are yet to be shifted. You still have to be exceptionally good at hiding the flaws. There is high competition in the industry itself, with the massive production of beauty products to makeup goods. You can’t launch a product and be constantly expected to evolve and gain from it. Statistical approaches matter, especially now. It is time to change old ways where cardboard boxes were all you needed to ship your products. The world is fulfilled with beauty products like your lotions. What differentiates you is your method of presenting your said product. There are some goods that are most demanded in the industry. If you want your lotions to be the same way, a new collection might be beneficial. Some retail stores with customer services might too, you can also have sales all season. What doesn’t change the fact is that you need attractive, promotional brand representatives. In simple, custom lotion packaging for your creams and beauty lotions. It is without a doubt, a simple overwritten factor. Have you ever thought “Will having a custom cosmetic box help my brand’s promotion?” Or perhaps, “Will it ruin my skincare brand if I do not use custom cosmetic packaging?”

Well, this blog highlights the key points where you can actually lose an audience if you think custom lotion Packaging Boxes wholesale are insignificant. Simply ignoring this might become much more of a hassle, because your wholesale pre-made boxes aren’t all that good. Here are some disadvantages of not having custom skincare boxes for your Lotion bottles.

What Are Custom Boxes for Lotion?

Custom cosmetic packaging has taken the industry by storm when it was introduced. Giving a new way to increase sales because of the intensive reviews from consumers. A custom box can be designed in any size, shape, box style, color, etc. With additional features like Coating, add ons, printing techniques. This enables you to print your brand’s logo on the box style, whether it be Window Boxes, product display packaging, or just about any other packaging method.

A custom package has numerous benefits and purposes. Leading to an exciting amount of selection for new skincare brands. Every company has its own style and theme. A custom cosmetic lotion box represents just that. Give your new skincare brand a chance to shine and make its place in the market.

The Actual Disadvantages of Not Having Custom Lotion Packaging

There are affordable options available so you can wrap your lotions and sell them. This is the most opted option for side-businesses. But, if you have grown to be an individual brand, these methods might not work. For maximum exposure, high-quality custom lotion boxes are needed. They serve as the first interaction of a consumer with your brand. Making them much more valuable than premade boxes. Unlike pre-assembled cardboard boxes, there is minimum to no drawbacks of having to spend money on custom lotion boxes. Here are the actual reasons why your first choice should always be custom lotion packaging for a skincare product.

Inconstant Consumers

Skincare buyers are those loyal brand customers that may or may not make up for your whole month’s budget. If they like what they apply to the skin, it is quite obvious the product is going to land on their next shop list. One of the biggest mistakes done by most entrepreneurs is underestimating the power of the crowd custom cosmetic boxes lure in.

If you have simple kraft boxes, with little to no representation of your brand name, shoppers will be less attracted to the lotion bottles. Thousands of products may be sitting beside yours, if there is no individuality in the custom boxes, you are going to lose customers as a result. Inconsistent consumers mean you will not be able to leave an impression on those you want to. No consistent mark of sales and thus, no growing sales.

No Customer Interest

Interest is made when a certain amount of time is spent thinking on the outer design surface and illustration. There are no exciting feelings for a skin-care lover if the layers of packaging have not been given a chance to originate. Making the custom eco-friendly boxes a delegate capable enough to gain attention. Pre-assembled lotion boxes can not give your lotions a safe compact, hence leading to an unprofessional experience.

Amateur Outlook

Probably one of the biggest disadvantages and damage were done to a brand. With brown cardboard packaging, little to no amount of logo can be placed onto the package. If there are no specifications, details, slogans, verificative stamps on the lotion packaging, the brand is most likely to face downfall. Giving an amateur appearance. Which can be extremely harmful to an initiative skincare brand.

No Styling Opportunities

Styling and designing are some of the most thrilling sections of the cosmetic industry. If you have a desire to have a theme like Tarte, Tacha, and more, you are in an inconvenience. The pre-manufactured lotion packages have no entirety of customization facilities. Not being able to sit the fine micro-printing alternatives on top of the boxes. Incapable of holding the products inside them with safety. No inserts of any kind and especially, no brand logo. The customizable options are almost non-existent. Leading to a dull experience that damages your enthusiasm and creativity while enjoying the skin-care manufacturing process.

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