Text Twist 2 Game Review

Text Twist

One of the worlds most famous (though not the most famous) word games is back in an addictive sequel that wants to continue the success of its predecessor. Text Twist 2 has the same old Text Twist gameplay, but at the same time adds a set of game modes that offer a whole new character scrambling experience to all fans of the original game.

In retrospect, the original game, Text Twist solver, works by rearranging up to 7 letters of the alphabet to form words and earning points from each word formed according to their length. In addition, in order for you to take yourself to the next level, you must use all the letters given to you to form a single word and produce what is known as a bingo word. Basically, it’s an endless game, but backing up the game is very addictive as it has been a huge success as one of the most recognized word games around.

Thanks to this success, it’s not surprising that Text Twist 2 follows the same gameplay mechanics, especially when playing in timed and non-timed modes. This time, a new interface greets the player. A word list is displayed at the top of the screen, and the rest at the bottom is used to solve word puzzles. In addition, you have to fight up to 8 jumbled characters. It sounds very daunting, but the words at each level are random, so you can’t predict the length of the next word.

In addition, there is a skip button that you can press up to twice on each game instance. I hate using it, but it really is a valuable resource for Text Twist 2 for anyone looking for a top score.

Text Twist Unscramble 6 characters in 2-2 minutes!

Play the second part of the text twist series. The most important thing in this game is to make as many words as possible. 

A text twist 2 game suitable for all ages. Parents are completely relieved when their child plays this game. 

-There are various word puzzles in this game to help kids improve their grammar and vocabulary skills.

-You have to find a word in a limited amount of time to help your child have the ability to react quickly.

-Children are completely unaffected by their eyesight, with rewarding gameplay, beautiful graphics, and full-screen mode.

Game TextTwist 2 How to win a game?

-Add “s” or “es” to the word. If the word does not exist in the singular, then the word exists in the plural. splendid!

-If you have difficulty pressing and holding, use the “Twist” button. Players will not lose points, but shuffling letters will help them find new words.

-Remember to sort words quickly. Double letters such as “TT” and “DD” are often side-by-side or common suffixes such as “ing”. ‘

And finally, you can use some cheat tools to win like WordFinder or FindaWord. Of course, this shouldn’t be 🙂

Text Twist 2 – The sequel to the most popular word game ever! This game is notable and difficult, adding 25,000 new words. I want you to return to revenge from the popular word game and solve the mysterious words. This game has 5 challenging game modes. The game TextTwist 2 has a huge library of words, trophies, and fun facts. Easy excitement and euphoria are provided! Your main mission is to create words from the letters that appear at the bottom of the screen. Games are useful for those who want to learn English. 

The Text Twist 2 game is so colorful and fun that fans can write specific words using different letters. Each mode awaits each rule and many surprises. You need to find the right word and make it out of letters as soon as possible. Also, your goal is to guess the right word and collect as many points as possible.

Challenge different game modes. This game is suitable for each person who has a craving for knowledge, a craving for self-actualization to improve their ability to learn new things and think faster. Gamers of all ages can enjoy learning something new in a fun environment.  Fans of the original game will love this upgraded version.

 Be careful, finding more words can be difficult. Having time to get in shape made it difficult to play the game. When you’re ready for the challenge, play Text Twist 2 now and start creating your vocabulary.

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