10 Libraries You Should Visit in the UK

10 Libraries You Should Visit in the UK Library
10 Libraries You Should Visit in the UK Library

The UK is known for its historical and iconic education institutes. Students worldwide library come here to explore Britain’s one-of-its-kind culture and study in universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Students normally hang out and study in their nearest libraries instead of their dorm. If you are someone who loves anything related to books, then keep reading. Here are ten libraries you should visit if you’re in the UK.

1.  The British Library – London

The British Library is the largest in the whole world. It holds over 150 million items under its roof. You can find all types of research materials, whether it’s in print, digital, or even audio. If you cannot find a piece of reference for your dissertation, you’ll find that here at the British Library. Even if you’re looking for some of the rarest documents like Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook or The Beetle’s manuscripts, you can find everything here. There are books in this library that are hundreds of years old and maintained perfectly. Initially, the British Library was a part of the famous British Museum. However, it got separated in 1973, and since then, it has been a famous studying spot for students in London.

2.  Liverpool Central Library – Liverpool

Initially, the Liverpool Central Library was in horrible shape. However, after a £50 million refurbishment, it became better. Now, this library is not just a gorgeous and culturally-rich place for students to study; it’s a pretty cool tourist spot as well. You can find archives of Liverpool’s history, dating back to the 13th century. Moreover, you can find over 150,000 rare books and historical documents. This library is also an excellent place for children, as there’s a separate portion dedicated to books for kids. The library also provides facilities like free-to-use computers and storytelling events hosted by some of the most famous authors in the world.

3.  Library of Birmingham – Birmingham

The exterior design of the Birmingham library is unique, modern, and looks quite colourful and youthful from the outside. However, this library is a massive rotunda of knowledge from the inside. It’s one of the largest and most beautiful libraries in the UK. The light coming down from the top makes this a dream place for students. The view is so beautiful; it might distract you. Here, you can also access the national film archive in the BFI mediatheque. When you want a break from studying, you can also spend time in the beautiful garden terraces. This library also contains the recently revamped Shakespeare memorial room.

4.  Bodleian Libraries – Oxford

Oxford University is one of the most iconic and oldest universities. Apart from the architecture and consistently high quality of education, it’s also known for its research libraries. The Bodleian Library is Oxford’s most iconic library. It’s one of the oldest in Europe as well. These libraries collectively have over 12 million printed research materials, including books, research papers, manuscripts, maps, and many other historical documents. You can opt for guided tours or sign up for membership. Trust me, it’s worth it, as you’ll get access to all of the material available in these libraries.

5.  The Library of Innerpeffray – Crieff, Scotland

It’s Scotland’s oldest library, and the most exciting aspect is that it’s free for the public. It’s pretty incredible considering how expensive it is to maintain such a historic building. Money raised by donors and the government help preserve this beautiful and ancient library. You can find many testimonials and historical archives that reflect Scottish heritage. In addition, you can find many rare books and historical documents in this library.

6.  Wren Library – Cambridge

If you were a Winnie the Pooh fan in your childhood, then you should visit the Wren Library in Cambridge. The reason is, this library contains the original manuscript of Winnie the Pooh. It was even named after Christopher Wren. For readers who don’t know who he is, Wren is the person behind the design of the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the namesake for Christopher Robin. You can sign up for the membership without paying a single penny. However, avoid going here during rush hours, as you can face long queues to get a spot in the reading room.

7.  John Rylands Library – Manchester

It’s a neo-gothic library built in the memory of John Rylands by his wife, Enriqueta Rylands. You might find most of your study material here. John Rylands Library collected the archives of historical families and was the first to do so. They also made these archives available to the general public. You can find other historical books, manuscripts, and documents here as well. You can also find the original copies of some of the most iconic books of all time.

8.  Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library – Norwich

The Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library caught fire back in 1994. However, this place was completely refurbished and revamped. Now, this library is larger and more beautiful. It’s popularly known as “Britain’s most advanced library.”  It attracts over 2.5 million visitors every year. The library contains three massive floors, and it stores thousands of books under its roof. It’s also one of the most visited libraries in the UK, as it’s pretty spacious and has many advanced and historical books at its disposal.

9.  Chained Library – Hereford

You can find this ancient library in Hereford’s cathedral that dates back to the 11th century. It’s the largest chained library in the UK. But wait, what is a chained library? Library owners used to chain the books to their respective bookshelves back in the day to prevent theft.  The administration prefers to keep things the way they are, despite the availability of more advanced ways to avoid book theft.

10. Gladstone’s Library – Wales

Like New York City, Gladstone’s Library is a place that never sleeps. It’s UK’s only residential library. So you can study here for as long as you want, even if you have to stay overnight. There’s not a single hour in a day when this place is not hustling and bustling with students and visitors. In addition, the administration organizes many amazing events and classes for the visitors and members. So you should consider this library as your ultimate studying spot if you live in Wales and want to work at a place that’s open 24/7.

There you have it! These are some of the most iconic libraries in the UK. It’s a dream for every student to study in one of these amazing places. You can find all the necessary materials for writing your dissertation in these libraries. However, if your hands are full with multiple assignments and tasks, you should get help with dissertation. British Dissertation Help offers the best dissertation writing service in the UK.

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