Best Professional Voicemail Greeting Providers for 2022

Professional Voicemail Greeting

Any time customers interact with your business you want to provide a sense of professionalism―and this extends to voicemail greetings. Poor quality voicemail in terms of audio or content can put potential customers off.Fortunately, the best professional recorded phone greetings and voicemail greeting providers help improve caller experiences by giving you options like offering a variety of voice talent, quick turnaround, and script assistance along with high-quality voicemail recordings.

Snap Recordings: Best Overall & Most Voice Talent Options

Snap Recordings (a RingCentral product) stands out because of its options and how easy it is to record a professional-sounding voicemail greeting. Plus, you can choose from more than 100 professional voice talents, and a quick deep dive reveals options for things like dialect and accent. Sound quality is also top-notch, and prices are very reasonable―it costs $50 for 75 words with an additional $50 charge for every 75 words thereafter.

While Snap Recordings doesn’t turn recordings around quite as fast as VoiceStudio Pro, the typical time to delivery is about three to four business days, which is very reasonable. You can place an order for a recording 24/7, and the audio files provided are compatible with all systems. Also, in addition to voicemail greetings, Snap Recordings provides recordings for auto-attendants, hold recordings, and has options for background hold music.

Snap Recordings Features

  • Professional voice recordings: There are more than 100 unique voice talent actors you can use for your messages. If your business is multilingual, the option to record voicemail greetings in English, Spanish, French, or variations of each (such as American, U.K., Australian, Canadian, or Irish English dialects) and bilingual combinations are also available.
  • Multiple audio formats: Professionally recorded audio files and recordings you create on the Snap Recordings platform can easily be downloaded and used with your current voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) or other compatible phone systems. The files are available in eight different formats, and many can be uploaded directly to your business phone system.
  • Message creation tools: You can use or draw inspiration from an entire library of phone systems and voicemail greeting scripts.

VoiceStudio Pro: Best Professional Voicemail Greeting Provider for Quick Turnarounds

VoiceStudio Pro wins as the best professional voicemail greeting provider for the fastest turnaround as you have the option to receive your recordings within 24 hours. While this does cost your business an additional $15, it’s nice to have the option when speed is paramount. VoiceStudio Pro has options for on-hold greetings, interactive voice response (IVR) menu greetings, and voice prompts for interactive menus.

While VoiceStudio Pro doesn’t have as many voice talent artists as Snap Recordings, they do enable you to select talent based on gender, accent, and dialect. VoiceStudio Pro also provides high-definition audio files that are professionally mastered for sound quality. While they don’t quite have the extensive listing of languages available from Snap Recordings, you will be able to have your greetings recorded in English, Spanish, and French.

VoiceStudio Pro Features

  • Sample scripts: VoiceStudio Pro’s library has various scripts for real estate, transportation, beauty and spa, limousine businesses, and more.
  • Professional voice talent: Ten individual voice talent actors, some of whom have more than 30 years of experience to select from, and some who speak Spanish and French.
  • Custom music: A wide selection of custom music is available to accompany your voicemail recording, making your greeting even more personalized for your business.

Nextiva: Best Professional Voicemail Greeting Provider With VoIP/UCaaS Capabilities

Other providers in our guide, like Snap Recordings and VoiceStudio Pro, are standalone services that offer professionally recorded voicemail and business phone system greetings. This is where Nextiva differs; Nextiva is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider that has its own voicemail greetings studio.

With Nextiva, you are automatically granted a single professionally recorded voice greeting with your plan. If you need more recordings, you’ll pay $50 per 50 words, which is slightly more expensive than Snap Recordings’ price. With Nextiva Enterprise, the number of free recordings included increases to three, and like all recordings from the provider, they can be used as greetings for your auto-attendant, voicemail greetings, after-hours menu, or other menus.

Nextiva is a good option for businesses needing a phone system with a variety of features, like international and local calling, virtual numbers, and team messaging. All these features come bundled with most Nextiva plans, and you’ll have an easy time using their recordings in your business phone system as well. While Nextiva doesn’t have as many voice-over actors as other dedicated providers, having options for professionally recorded greetings with a business phone provider is very convenient.

Nextiva Features

  • Multiple options for talent: Nextiva has a selection of six voice-over artists and both male and female genders. Additionally, you’re able to select from American and British English dialects, and Latin American Spanish.
  • Managed upload: Nextiva uploads your voicemail greetings into your Nextiva phone system, making it easy for Nextiva users who want to create and upload recordings quickly.
  • Expedited delivery: Similar to VoiceStudio Pro, you can expedite delivery of your recorded greetings so that you will receive it within a day for $50.

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