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With the abundance of your choices for baby girl names, it’s no surprise that new parents are pushing for them, their families, and their newborn little girl to be appropriate.  According to some, a misnomer can eventually turn a newcomer into a target of classroom jokes, affecting the way other children and adults identify them

Most people do not know this, but there are unspoken rules for baby name generators; Well technically say that’s not true; But if anyone breaks these rules, the child will pay the consequences.

When the time comes and you have to choose the names of your baby girls, everyone seems to want to talk to them; But at the end of the day, only you and your husband can choose the right baby name.

Here are some practical tips you can use to make compressing a baby name list a little easier:

  1. Research the baby’s name online or in a book to get an idea. This is probably the easiest way to start with your list.
  2. Write down all the names of your choice through all your research. 
  3. Make sure the names given to your child will enable him to live and not live instead.
  4. Learn about popular girl baby names so that your baby can fit This is very difficult because it can bring tears to the name of a very unusual child for small children in school
  5. Avoid old baby girl names, especially when passed down through the generations for inspiration, those names may no longer be applicable in today’s world.
  6. Consider a theme for the name Nature, Art, Symbol, etc.
  7. Learn the meaning of the name. African baby names have a deep meaning, especially in culture.
  8. Prevent daughter baby names which is ‘QTC’.
  9. Choose names that sound good together.
  10. Remember a favorite movie or book and look for ideas there.
  11. Choose names that compliment your title
  12. Avoid naming a baby girl with negative connotations.
  13. Be sure to let your child know how special your child’s name is as he or she grows up. Maybe the name is in the family for generations and the legacy continues through them, they should know about it.

The power behind the female baby’s name

Have you ever wondered what your name means, power or significance? Do you realize that your name really has some power? Be it mysterious, cultural, spiritual, or psychological; Everyone’s name has some meaning to itself or to society.

How do you respond to your name? Is it a positive or negative response? It depends on how your name is called; Isn’t it? If you were much admired as a child, your name is associated with positive empowerment that will lead you to be a confident adult. The opposite can also be true. Does this idea take precedence when it comes to choosing your baby girl’s names? Choosing your child’s name must be the most difficult task, especially when you understand how a name subconsciously influences how other people will treat the child. 

Think about your reaction when you hear the name of an unusual baby; Like Elmer, Petals, Dehan. Is it really worth it to be unique? What do you see when you portray your child as an adult; Is he a lawyer, professor, or doctor? Say your favorite names out loud and add titles to them; Like Dr. Petal or Dr. Alexandra. Which doctor should you go to now? It is unfortunate that some stereotypes exist in our society but they will never disappear; Rather choose wisely to ban any ridicule.

Strong female child names have not been emphasized much in baby name generators because women were not allowed to be in strong business positions. This has changed, fortunately. Recent research has shown that there is a tendency among women in high-powered occupations; Their parents named their strong female baby. An example of this name is; Elizabeth, Catherine, Morgan.

Over the centuries, religion has played an important role in adding new parents to their child’s list of names. These names have deep spiritual and literal meanings to parents who hope that their child will be gifted whatever the meaning of that particular name is. For example, a Bible name called Abigail means source of joy. Now, this is not a great wish for new parents to gift their little girl.

The name African child has a lot of cultural meaning for the whole family. Some choose the day of the baby’s birth as related to the situation or environment in which the baby enters the earth, e.g. Ina; Mother of rain.

Is it fair to judge you purely by the name given to you by your parents and with no alternative? Probably not, but the name you were given has gone through some thought process, yet nurture it and make a conscious choice when naming your child.

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