Roller banner stand

Roller banner

Roller banners provide the best promotional tools in the hands of many organizations and businesses that lack large budgets to bring their products to the masses. However, in order to get the most out of these marketing mediums, proper stands for these banners are required. They are portable and completely easy to use in any case.

 Roller Banners need to be mounted on a suitable stand for display. They are then placed in different places where the target audience is more likely to find them. The visibility factor is the most important part regarding the success of the display through the scrolling banner. And, the included stand plays an important role in getting your message across to the maximum audience.

The mobility of the stand increases the use of this monitor. They can then be used as many times and in different places, as needed. Here are some elements of a banner that make it effective and useful for promotional purposes.

The frame of the roller banner

The frame of the scrolling banner is the focus of the advertisement. It should be robust and ideal for many uses. Mounting and removing the display should be easy, so as not to waste time assembling it over and over again and in different places.

The size of the frame needs to be according to the banner; Otherwise, the screen will wrinkle or hang, making it difficult to read.

Stand on a pole or banner foot

Different types of banner stands are available in the market. Advertisers need to drive their purchases. Ideally, things can be disassembled and stored until further notice.

There are other types that are interlocking so that they fit back inside each other smoothly. Or for those with a hinged section for the ability to fold and walk. The idea behind creating scientifically designed poles is that they are easy to maintain and use.


At the end of each kickstand is a platform that provides frame support and portability. This is the foundation on which these structures stand. The overall weight of the stands never affects their mobility. However, additional reinforcement is needed so that the banner can stay anchored at the site until it needs to be moved to another area.

How to buy a banner stand?

As roller banner stands play a vital role in the success of these advertising campaigns, they need to be chosen carefully. They are basically selected based on the size of the banners you need to display them. These can be types placed on the floor or even on a table.

Environment for hosting

The storage environment must ensure that there are no cracks on the products kept inside the box, even if it is used for a long time. A dry and moisture-free environment is ideal, and it should be stored at room temperature. Thermal shock can wrinkle the edges of the banner and damage it beyond repair.

Shipping banners

To transport the banners to different locations, they need to be placed inside a sturdy and impact-free packing box. However, this is only part of the whole process. Placing a matching business card or series of cards is another important part. Tapping them into the storage box ensures that they will never be misplaced.

It is advisable to hand the boxes of banners to the transportation company before planning your trip. This is especially important if you work with large and heavy roll-up banners. This will ensure that it reaches its destination in time for that successful business event.

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