Tips for Solving with a word Scramble

word Scramble

You have some messy letters and now you have to sort the words out of them. What is the best approach? Here are some top tips for finding words you can create with scrambled letters before you.

Looking for common patterns

The English language uses many similar patterns and combinations in its words. Some characters often appear next to each other, so take advantage of this fact when you’re trying to get rid of those messy characters. Some common examples include CH (such as “cheese”), TH (such as “there”), and PH (such as “phone”). You’ll become a better word decoder when you see a combination of characters, not just a single random character.

Start short, play long

If you start by finding the longest possible words, you will probably waste your time. Instead, build your idea from the previous tip. Search for common letter groups and see how you can combine them to create 7 letter words and other long words.

Suppose you have the letter CH and you also have the letter A DEER. Building on that CH, you can somehow connect the EA. CHEA is not a word, but everyone. And then you can add R at the top to get a pass. Similarly, EE is a common combination. Combining CH and EE gives you CHEW, not a word, but adding R at the end gives you CHEER. Add common suffix -ED and you have a 7-letter word CHEERED.

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Randomize those cells

Almost every game that randomizes the characters for word-formation offers some sort of “shuffling” option. It’s not a “hint” in the traditional sense, but the simple act of moving those letters in a different order can help you see things in a whole new way. When you feel stuck, tap that shuffle button and see if new words or combinations of letters pop up for you.

Try systematic adjustments

This may not be the most interesting tip, but it can be the most helpful. You could say that this is the equivalent of brutal power tactics. A systematic way to simply sort words is probably to skim through unscramble letters.

For example, suppose you have ADLY as your letter. AY is a common ending. If you systematically skim through other characters, you will get DATE, LAY, MAY, and WAY. Similarly, AD is a common ending. That makes words like MAD and LAD. It’s crazy, but there is a way!

Add prefixes and suffixes

Remember the previous tip about short start and long play? Suffixes and prefixes can actually be effective when classifying letters into words. If you see a combination of characters like ED and ING, see if you can add them at the end of the word you found. Similarly, you can add RE or IN at the beginning of a word.

Remember to use the plural

It is made on the previous tip. If you have a ready for you, consider yourself lucky. You attach it to the end of any word. It includes both nouns and verbs. Always run both singular and plural versions of the word if you have S around you.

Use our word decoder!

Of course, the best tip of all is to use only our simple word solver tool! When you are in a hurry to find a word and you are shaking your head, type your letters in our word finder and we will find the word for you. Need some 6-character words to complete a particularly difficult level? Want some 7-character words to make the bingo bonus bigger? We’ve got you covered.

Arrange the letters to form words

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best mess-solving tools. Our huge unchangeable dictionary will help you discover even the most confusing words to play in your favorite word games. In fact, we let you choose the right game dictionary so you can be sure that your word list is valid.

For example, what word can you make with the letter ADEGINR?

  • DESIGN: Evidence or refutation, especially about the threat of war
  • Steps: A series of steps or seats arranged in steps
  • Gray: There are grains or marks due to a certain arrangement like wood
  • Read: The task of looking at printed words and understanding them
  • Denari: Macedonian currency, divided into 100 negotiations
  • Gender: An adult male goose often sees something
  • Resin: An antibody found in human blood with a genetic predisposition to allergies

Be sure to take advantage of the advanced search options in our word finder. If you find a word, let our word debugger do it for you.

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