Top Reasons to Tune Your 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

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The Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser is a popular off-road and touring vehicle due to its robust and long-lasting design. However, the factory settings on the 200 Series LandCruiser are detuned, leaving it with a disappointing big engine. Upgrades and performance modifications are two effective methods of increasing the potential of your Toyota 200 Series.

Do you own a 200 Series Land Cruiser and want more power or better performance? Here are the top reasons to tune your 200 Series – and the performance upgrades and modifications available to you!

Remap Your 200 Series Land Cruiser’s ECU

The ECU, or Electronic Control Unit, is a small computer within your engine. The ECU can be remapped to provide a better fuel combustion and increase power output by up to 25%. However, the remap itself does not increase the engine’s capacity – it merely works more efficiently with existing parts. A 200 Series Land Cruiser may also have higher-spec components fitted after tuning, such as an exhaust or air filter system to improve its efficiency further.

Tune Your 200 Series for Better Engine Performance

Remapping the ECU of your 200 Series Land Cruiser will yield some impressive results on their own – but there are many other modifications you can choose from if you wish to push your vehicle even further! Check out our upgrades below:

– Cold Air Intake: A cold air intake draws in cooler, outside air to give your 200 Series Land Cruiser more power and better fuel economy. Vastly improved fuel efficiency means that your vehicle can go further on one tank of gas than it normally would!

– Free Flow Exhaust: By fitting a free flow exhaust system, you can improve the engine’s capacity by enabling an unrestricted flow of exhaust gases – giving your 200 Series Lander more power. Combined with a remap, this will make a huge difference to your 200 Series’ performance.

– Gas Spring Suspension: By providing extra assistance to the existing suspension components on your 200 Series Land Cruiser, a gas spring suspension upgrade enables much smoother driveability and increased load capacity for your vehicle.

– Turbocharger: If you can afford it, fitting a turbocharger to your Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser will drastically increase power output – transforming the performance of your engine.

The best way to upgrade your 200 Series’ performance is by having its ECU remapped and upgrading certain components – such as an exhaust system or intake system. These upgrades can be done separately or combined for impressive results! 

What are the Benefits of Tuning Your Land Cruiser?

The benefits of tuning your 200 Series Land Cruiser include:

– Increased horsepower and torque;

– Vastly improved fuel economy;

– More power at high RPMs.

Tuning your 200 Series’ engine is a great way to make driving more pleasurable and rewarding! Remapping the ECU improves fuel combustion and increases power output, while many other performance modifications can be added for even better results.

Upgrade to Performance Parts and Accessories

A number of performance parts and accessories can be added to further enhance your 200 Series’ power and fuel economy. Here are some examples:

– Power Steering Pump: A more powerful power steering pump reduces the effort you need to put into steering, making driving a lot easier – especially on long journeys.

– Anti Lock Braking System: An anti lock braking system helps your Land Cruiser stop in an efficient manner even when conditions become challenging for braking. By preventing wheel lock, ABS prevents skidding and improves control in difficult weather conditions.

– Alloy Wheels: A set of lightweight alloy wheels enhances both performance and comfort by reducing unsprung weight and enabling the vehicle’s suspension to work more efficiently, providing you with better car handling and reduced tyre wear.

Upgrading your 200 Series’ power and performance is not only achievable, but easy to do with the help of our extensive online catalogue! Browse our website for more information on how you can improve your 200 Series Land Cruiser’s power output, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Trust the Toyota Experts

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