What are the musical professions


In ancient times, musicians were generalists: they themselves composed melodies and words, performed and “promoted” their creation, but now all these functions are performed by different specialists. … Let’s try to figure it out with EKmixmaster mixing mastering services, who creates music for us.

The composer composes pieces of music in different genres. He owns the technique of composition, musical notation, can compose melodies using computer programs or musical instruments. He writes down his creation in some notation, which can then be interpreted by the performers.

The arranger contributes to the promotion of the piece of music. He takes an already existing composition and interprets it. For example, from a small song with a guitar, he is able to make a bright performance for a large ensemble, prescribing parts for each instrumentalist and vocalist. At the same time, the author’s intention of the composer as a whole is preserved. Often, arrangers rewrite classical works for more modern genres (rock, jazz), thereby increasing interest in them.

Songwriter. This profession is now less widespread, as many performers (rockers, bluesmen and jazz players) write the lyrics for their tracks themselves.

DJ (DJ) is a relatively recent, but quickly gaining popularity profession. The disc jockey uses special equipment (DJ console) and computer programs. He mixes several compositions, adding various sound effects to them, and creates a new track, mainly in a dance style. DJs work most often in nightclubs, discos, parties and celebrations where continuous musical accompaniment is required.

The producer finds a promising performer or group, finances them and brings them to a higher level in order to make a profit later.

A music agent, manager, or impresario are people who are well versed in talent. They help performers in their work, solve all organizational and everyday problems, so that the musician thinks only about his work.

A PR manager is engaged in creating the image of a vocalist or a band, advertises it, organizes meetings with media representatives, fans to increase the audience.

Sound engineer – a specialist in creating sound effects and images in films, performances, radio and television broadcasts. Besides understanding music, he must have technical knowledge. These are not all musical professions. We can also recall a musicologist or music critic, whose activities are closer to the scientific comprehension of art. The study of the peculiarities of music and its development, interaction with other spheres of culture, an objective assessment of works and individual performers – these are the directions of their activities. And the purity of their sound depends on the tuner of the instruments. Believe it or not, a worker is also a profession related to music. Most touring bands and performers have their own road crew. These are technicians and support personnel who set up and dismantle the stage, transport equipment, set up sound and light. This includes drivers and bodyguards, make-up and lighting technicians, sound engineers and pyrotechnics.

If you have not the slightest doubt that any of the professions related to music is right for you, go for it.



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