Building with Steel: 5 Types of Metal Shed Structures

Building with Steel

Building with steel is becoming popular across Australia. Steel’s flexibility allows property owners, architects and builders alike to realize their most ambitious ideas. Steel cladding systems are found on famous, iconic buildings all around the world, and structural steel is an important component of nearly every stadium, shopping center, and commercial development.

Stainless steel is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. Its strength and durability, as well as its capacity to be recycled over and over without losing quality, make it an ideal long-term sustainable development material. This is why so many types of building incorporate steel today. 

Considering building with steel, or planning to build a shed on the Sunshine Coast? Here are 5 different types of metal shed structures you could build! 

1) Metal Garden and Storage Sheds 

Metal sheds are a popular choice for home gardeners and small business owners. Metal storage sheds can be custom-sized to meet your needs, from backyard tool sheds to commercial storage units for farms or machine shops.

2) Commercial Buildings

From shopping centers to office buildings, steel is an attractive option because it is strong, easy to maintain and occupies less space than other materials. While some scraps of steel must still be used as cladding, the majority of the building’s structure (beams, columns) may be made with structural or plate steel.

3) Industrial Warehouses and Workshops

Steel has long been used in warehouses because of its low cost compared to wood; however, structural steel offers lower costs than non-structural systems. It is a lightweight solution that allows rapid construction, saving money and time during the building process. Structural steel can also ensure long-term strength and stability in industrial buildings.

4) Residential Buildings

While conventional steel frame structures have been used as residential buildings since the 1970s, today’s innovative modular systems allow for an easy build because they tend to require less material assembly on site. This means faster completion times and lower cost of labour. Modular homes are built from pre-fabricated materials designed at a factory then shipped to a construction site where workers simply put them into place.

5) Agricultural Structures 

Steel agricultural structures typically use four types of steel: structural shapes, angle, flats and hollow sections (pipe ). For example, agricultural steel can be used to build fences and gates for livestock; corrals; barns, sheds and farm buildings; silos; bale handling equipment (e.g. wagons); hay stackers or windbreaks/living snow fences.

Why Build with Steel?

1. Steel Industrial Buildings are Stronger

Steel is without a doubt the most powerful material available. When it comes to strength, no one can beat steel. Although other materials may endure pressure for a longer period of time, they aren’t as durable or efficient as steel. The same may be said for high-rise structures, where steel is frequently preferred over wood owing to its increased strength in.

2. Steel Industrial Buildings Offer Superior Fire Protection

Steel is an excellent material for preventing fire damage to your structure and its occupants. Steel conducts heat more slowly than other materials, helping to stop the spread of flames. It’s also less prone to catch flames since it doesn’t bend or absorb water like wood does. As a result, steel protects you from fires better than any other substance, making metal an ideal choice for commercial complexes that are frequently damaged by fires.

3. Steel Industrial Buildings are Very Durable

When properly coated, steel does not rust, chip, or decay when exposed to rainfall or high humidity for extended periods of time—both of which are common throughout the world. In fact, well-galvanized steel can endure up to 100 years without significant damage! Compare that to other materials, which only survive a fraction of that period when subjected to the weather.

Choose Superior Garages and Industrials for Steel Sheds and Structures 

Building with steel offers many short and long-term benefits. But perhaps the best thing about steel is its adaptability – it can be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and even residential purposes! It’s the ideal building material for your Sunshine Coast shed.

Superior Garages and Industrials have been building with steel for over thirty years. Specialising in steel construction, they can build almost any type of building you could need: riding arenas, livestock shelters, garages and garden sheds, commercial offices, and even industrial warehouses! 

Contact Superior Garages and Industrials today for professional, quality steel construction work. 

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