Google AdWords – Daily and Monthly Budget Management


It’s easy to lose a lot of money quickly with AdWords, but there are tools to stop the killing Even if you spend only $5 a day, you should know, use and understand how it works. Daily and monthly budgets.

Daily and monthly budgets are set at the campaign level. You can make changes to your campaign by going to your Campaign Settings, finding the budget field, inserting your changes, and clicking “Save”. I usually leave the page and then come back to make sure it’s saved – may be an unnecessary step, but better safe than sorry.

Daily budget

This setting allows you to control how much you spend on ads each day. This is not an exact metric – some flexibility has been created in the AdWords system for the inevitable variation in traffic “weather”. So your actual daily expenses could be up to 20% more than your daily budget. If you spend extra on any given day, the Google AdWords Management Sunshine Coast system reduces your spending by the amount you spend for the rest of the month. If this balance occurs at the beginning of the month, you will likely never notice it. If it happens on the last few days of the month, you can.

The exact formula that AdWords uses for your daily budget is the time value of your daily budget despite multiple days of the month. So if your daily budget is $100 and there are 31 days in a month, you will spend $3100 (up to $3100). Assuming you spent exactly $100 all day before the month and then spent 20% more on the 30th, then the 31st AdWords will slow down your ad serving so you can get around $80 la on the 31st as much as possible.

If you spend more than this formula, AdWords will credit your account for the additional cost. Don’t get too excited, though – I’ve never seen an advertiser incur additional costs in 5 years of running a PPC account.

Monthly budget

A monthly budget is very similar to a daily budget, but instead of entering a daily budget milestone, you write it out for the month. Then the AdWords system divides that monthly budget by 30.44 (average number of days per month) and you get the old familiar daily budget back. The Google AdWords Management Sunshine Coast system will try to stick to this daily number, but if you’re just writing a monthly budget, the system will now allow for more variation than the daily costs that should only be allowed to set a budget. daily. So, if your traffic continues to grow, then the monthly budget option is for you.

A note on the monthly budget – if you reduce it, you’ll see your ad spend drop dramatically for the rest of the month. For example, if your monthly budget is $3100 and you drop to 2000 2000 on the 16th of the month, you’ll only get $30 per click per day for the rest of the month. Why? Because at the end of day 15 you have spent $1550. When you change your monthly budget to $2000, you are left with only $450 of your monthly budget, so your daily expenses will drop to $30 per day for the remaining 15 days. again. To avoid this, change your monthly budget on the first of the month.

Advanced Strategy

If your AdWords account is profitable and you’re looking for a way to put more money into your cash machine – that is, get more clicks – try increasing your budget from 50% to 200%. This turns off security, so you need to know that your costs are safe because your keyword bids are correct, but expanding your budget will allow the AdWords algorithm to show your ads. you are freer. It’s a simple solution to significantly increase impressions, but it can take a few days for the AdWords system to start increasing your impressions.

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