Best vastu consultant in Kolkata warns against buying random second hand property for this reason!

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata often finds that people speaks ill of old home and warns against buying them to their friends and family. But according to vastu, old homes can be as good as new homes. 

Many real estate agents and individuals will help you make a great offer to buy a secondhand home or office that too at an economic option. In case you got such a deal and are eager to finalize it, wait and read this article first. 

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommend against buying such property on impulse. The money you might be saving on such offer can result in more harm than good. 

Evaluate why the previous owner is selling this property?

Most people only ask about the property’s legal documents and building details. But it is very crucial to know why they want to see this property as well. 

If their reason is constructive, you are good to go. If their reason us due to some hardship of mishap, it is best not to buy this property, at least not before getting in dept analysis of it from Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

It might happen that the owner can choose not to disclose the actual reason for their selling of property. so, make sure to talk about it from a neighbor family or shop etc, who might posses knowledge of it. 

When it is okay to buy second hand property?

When its previous owners give this away with a good vibe, without any resentment, helplessness and harbor in general, good emotion about this property, it can be bought. 

If the previous owner is moving to a new city or county, if they are shifting to a new home/office; it is good enough. 

In case they invested in this home/office for investment purpose, then also it is good. If this property has given financial benefit to its previous owner, chances are sky high that it will do so for you too. 

When you must avoid buying a second hand property?

When its previous owners are forced to sell due to some trauma (untimely death, divorce), or crisis (bankruptcy, poor finance and health etc) it might not be a great idea to invest in it. 

Look if someone died unexpectedly (let it be an accident or illness) in here. Of it is a business property, look how their business is running now.  

If this property has given misfortunes to its previous owner, you might suffer because of it too.   

What must you change in second hand home before using it?

In case your vastu expert gave a green signal to buy a property, you can seal the deal and get ownership of it. However, before you buy it, there are some modifications that you must get before shifting in it. 

  1. Change the wall colors- this is mostly for the interiors of the vastu. Refer to color vastu therapy while doing so. It will help you balance the 5 elements in vastu better. 
  2. Change the tiles- even if the tiles are new, change these before using these spaces. Usually, the kitchen, and bathroom area are fitted in tiles. 
  3. Change the toilet seat- even if it is Indian toilet or western commode, using previous toilet system is strictly forbidden as per vastu rules. 

Remember that even if these are in new condition, you must replace them. These things are like used clothes, they contains the energy of its previous owners. 

It might be a little burden financially, but this step can ensure much positive result in the future. So, make this happen at the earliest possible time. 

One more important thing that Best vastu consultant in Kolkata reminds, each vastu has a vibe of its own. It can either be negative or positive. 

Before buying any vastu, let it be old or new, make sure to physically be present in it at least a few times. You should be able to like the vastu in general (even if you plan to modify it later).

In case it gives bad vibes or does not seem comfortable for any reason, take a step back and think again. Never buy any property without physical presence, no matter how lucrative offers it might seem. 

These days, lots of agency puts properties on sale via online platform, such as 99acre or magic bricks and so on. It might be a great way to connect to great potential properties, you must never finalize it.  

Get your property evaluated from Best vastu consultant in Kolkata before finalizing the deal. For booking an appointment with best vastuvid, contact Vaastu Mangaal, leading vastu agency in Kolkata. We do vastu evaluation of both new and old properties, let it be home, office, shop or showroom. 

Description- let us learn why Best vastu consultant in Kolkata warns against impulse buying second hand home. 

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