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If we want to be honest music is something that has been very close to everyone for centuries. It is believed to change the mood. We all have a playlist that activates countless emotions within us. Every time we listen to this playlist it brings us back to beautiful memories, even heartbreaking memories. In short, music can take you to another world. And we love to be there. Therefore, music plays a very important role in our life.Everyone has their tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to music. Some people like soft sounds, some people like pop, others like slow versions. It all depends on their mood. With music, that artist who sings or is involved in music becomes close to the audience. One of these rising stars of L.A is Nastaran Queen. She is a self-taught musical artist who started her career very young And become famous in L.A when there were not any female singers. With her talent and her magical voice, Nastaran has acquired a very famous image and popularity in Los Angeles. It is also gaining popularity around the world. Let’s see how he started. Just keep going and you will get an inspiring and motivating pack to jumpstart your career very soon.

Nastaran Queen (also known as her Persian name Nastaran Afshar) is from the generations of Shah Nadir Afshar and has the blood of the original Bakhtiari’s in iran from mother side, Nastaran was very talented as a teenager and could perform in 4 languages; From childhood, Nastaran wanted to make an impact in this world. As a child, she performed songs and poems on stage. This proved to be the motivation for her as a kid. For the past years until now, She has been involved in the Music market. For Nastaran, music is about developing a connection with people, She grew up listening to a variety of music that helped her understand the art better and deeper. At a very young age, She decided to be a musician, singer and has fulfilled her dream, Nastaran Queen graduated as a software engineer from Tehran and then emigrated to Turkey, She met many artists in Turkey and decided to pursue music more seriously. Finally, after living in Turkey for a year, She moved to Los Angeles, California.

Nastaran Queen Actively swayed by the music industry, Nastaran was greatly influenced and mesmerized some famous artists after immigrating to the United States, She also was invited for “Hello Ross” show when he has “Kelly Osborne”, “Melanie Brown” (one of spice girls group) as guest, Nastaran Queen was interested in theatre, She was performing one the enjoyable roles on stage in theatre; “Key Exchange” by “Kevin Wade”. She is a super smart person and believe in smart way of achievement. If you talk about good work, Its good to know “Nastaran Queen” has performed several live performances to help Charity, She believes that one should help the needy people as in this way we can make this world a better place to live for all.

The existence of multiple genres makes up the wonderful world of music. From classical to pop, jazz to reggae, there is something for everyone. Music allows people to express themselves freely through art and develop their musical style. Nastaran Queen focuses on creating a new culture in her music way. Her first music, called “Shabihe To”, finally hit the music market in 2016; And gained many listeners, Several of her other songs are called “Heyfe Man” and “Vay Faghat To”. Nastaran Queen believe the hardest part about being self-motivated is the fact that it can be easily swayed. Especially if you are in foreign territory, it can become easy to fall into the beliefs and habits of those around you. But in order to become successful, at anything in life, you have to be willing to separate yourself from distractions and continue moving forward on your own. She was also nominated for several international awards for that music and decided to make a music video for the song with the collaboration and direction of Alec Cartio, which became very special and wonderful. With her concerts, Nastaran quickly found a way to find a way to connect with even more audiences than ever before. This tactic has made music more accessible to even more people. Artists like Nastaran Queen are an inspiration to those who wish to attain their goals in life. It is not easy to succeed in a creative field, especially if you are an independent artist. But Nastaran has proved that it depends on how much will and passion a person has to make their dreams come true.

Nastaran Queen is a multi-talented singer, model and actress, She will organize her concert tours soon, Just when you think you’ve got her figured out, She can immediately switch gears and put her talent on full display rather it be singing, singing, or the modeling, She isn’t afraid to incorporate fresh new sounds and ideas in her music. She say, The song is connected by production and message in the music, each lyric will make you want to listen to the next one that follows. From a few quick observations of Nastaran, you will quickly realize that She’s a true leader of the music game first. As an amazing artist, She is determined to create a sound that is ageless and diverse. We will defınıtely hear a lot from her very soon, We cannot wait to see what she brings next to the table in future.

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