Shieldon EDC Pocket Knives: Efficient Solutions for Different Applications

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It is one thing to own a pocket knife but it is an exquisite experience to own an EDC pocket knife that is optimized for its application. So, in designing this range of pocket knives, we paid great attention to the applications that different users may need pocket knives and how to create a delightful experience for them. 

Shieldon EDC pocket knife designs can be used during fishing, camping, or any other outdoor excursions. Our range carries different styles of blades and handles that are uniquely crafted for chopping, sawing, cutting, and even hunting. 

A quick look at our EDC pocket knife collection reveals blades made of different materials such as 3Cr13, 4Cr13, D2 steel, Sandvik 14C28N, among others. These materials are individually chosen based on the application we envision for a specific type of knife. 

Most of our Damascus knives, for example, are made using 9Cr18MoV 67-layer Damascus steel. This type of steel is renowned for its high HRC and can thus be used even under tough conditions and remain intact with good edge retention.

Beyond the choice of materials, we also make our EDC pocket knives more efficient by handpicking specific blade points based on the recommended application. Our drop-point or reverse tanto blades are particularly exceptional at cutting due to their highly streamlined edges. Nevertheless, there are still countless other blade point options like the utility point for general applications or the clip point that makes a great hunting knife. 

For convenience, Shieldon EDC pocket knife blades are designed to fold. Consequently, we design handles that can conceal the blade when it is not in use and also make it possible to comfortably wield the knife when it is in use. 

Just like the blades, our selection of handle materials is all about efficiency and durability. Some of the materials we use include G10, carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, PP, wood, zinc alloy, among many other options. They are all corrosion-resistant and sturdy enough to keep up with the frequent opening and retraction of folding knives. 

For maximum utility, we craft handles in different sizes and shapes to make them more suitable for different hand sizes and knife-handling techniques. The shapes of handles are also tested when they are paired with blades to ensure that they allow a free range of motion and perform tasks with ease. Most handles are also made safer for handling by equipping them with lock mechanisms. 

Of course, part of the joy of owning an EDC pocket knife goes beyond functionality. A refined design with great aesthetics is also always a plus. To this end, the handles of Shieldon EDC knives come with different patterns, surface finishes, and color options that make them stand out. The blades too are polished to perfection and further enhanced using surface finishes such as painting, acid stonewashing, or satin finishing.

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