How to choose bathroom floor tiles?

bathroom floor

Suppose you are starting a renovation in the bathroom. In that case, you will face many different questions, including choosing the right tile for the bathroom floor or cabinet  36 inch bathroom vanity, or 24 inch bathroom vanity. And this is not surprising because you need to decide on the size, color, thickness, pattern, and many other parameters of floor tiles.

To learn how to choose a tile for a bathroom floor and not make a mistake, let’s find out what the bathroom supply store New Bathroom style advises.

Benefits of ceramic floor tile.

For many years, ceramic Tiles have been the primary type of flooring in the bathroom in the construction of residential buildings. And this is no coincidence.

It is ceramic tiles with many advantages over other materials – from wooden and concrete floors to modern 3D floor art.

The main advantages of tiles include the following qualities:

  • tiles are easy to clean;
  • resistant to detergents;
  • possesses high durability;
  • not hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture);
  • does not conduct electric current;
  • is an environmentally friendly material.

Symbols on the packaging of tiles

Ceramic tiles are supplied in packages, each of which is marked in the form of symbols that reflect the main characteristics of the tile.

Let’s see what the symbols are and what they mean.

Floor tiles are marked with a bootprint on a dark background, and wall tiles are marked with a hand icon. Since the tiles in the bathroom will not be exposed to negative temperatures, such an indicator as frost resistance will not be necessary when choosing, but on the coefficient of friction of a wet surface, abrasion resistance or resistance to chemicals can be very important.

The thickness of bathroom floor tiles should be 9-15mm.

A good choice would be porcelain tiles. This tile has a non-slip surface and is highly durable. The color palette of porcelain stoneware tiles is vast. You can always choose the desired color.

Try to refrain from buying floor tiles in bright, flashy colors. Although you may have liked such tiles in the store on a cursory inspection, daily visits to the bathroom with tiles in annoying colors may lead you to want to replace them with tiles in a more calm color scheme.

Better opt for discreet shades of gray, greenish, and dark blue. In many ways, the choice of color for floor tiles will depend on the color of the walls. Therefore, you must understand how the walls and floor of the bathroom will fit even before buying tiles.

If your walls are decorated with natural marble tiles, it is advisable to purchase them for the floor.

It is also important to consider combining the tile pattern with the rug. This is necessary so that the carpet, which you subsequently lay on the floor, does not visually disturb the design with its size and color.

When buying, do not try to save money. Having purchased an Italian tile, you will not soon think about replacing it. At the same time, tiles made of inexpensive material may soon require repair.

When buying, you should give preference to a manufacturer that has been known on the building materials market for more than a year. Therefore, ask the seller about the brands presented and look for information on the Internet.

Tiles purchased at a large store are unlikely to be fake. Therefore, try to buy it in large showrooms or stores and avoid shopping in small shops located in the basement so as not to regret the purchase later.

Using these simple tips, you can easily pick up tiles for your bathroom floor. In the following publications, we will talk about choosing tiles for bathroom walls and how to lay ceramic tiles properly.

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