What are the differences between the 1-DIN radio?


The 1-din car radio has the dimensions of 180 mm x 50 mm. As the name suggests, a 2-din radio is twice as high, i.e. 180 mm x 100 mm in size. Apart from the size, the differences between these two types of car radios mainly concern functionality.

If you look at a 2-din car radio test,who built the first remote controlled car you will notice that in most cases a double-din radio is equipped with GPS, but has many more functions.

What are the different 2-DIN models?

An auto-media station is the simplest form of a double-din radio. Although it has the dimensions of a 2-din radio, it corresponds in functionality to a classic 1-din radio. If you buy a car that has a 2-din bay and you can do without a screen, it makes sense to buy such a double-din radio.

Moniceivers (composed of monitor and receiver) is double-din radios with LCD screen. In most cases, this is a touch screen, so the operation is particularly easy.

Naviceiver belongs to the Moniceivers. The special thing about them is that the navigation system is already integrated into them and you do not have to access the corresponding services via your smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Naviceiver


  • no external navigation system or smartphone required
  • at the same time multimedia system
  • not dependent on data volume


  • relatively expensive to buy
  • no lifetime map updates


  • Characteristics of a good 1-din radio
  • no screen
  • cheaper than Moniceiver


  • Screen for DVDs, video files
  • also operation via screen


  • Characteristics of a Moniceiver

Navigation included

Buying advice: You should pay attention to this with a double din radio

The right double din radio for your car

It makes a difference whether you are looking for a double din radio for a VW or, for example, for a BMW or Skoda. best rc car track therefore, first, take a look at the manufacturer’s information on this. This saves you stress later. A suitable double din radio for VW is, for example, the ILX from Alpine.

Basic features

If you have gained an overview of what the different models do with the help of double-din radio tests, you can start with the selection megapersonal. Important questions here are: Which display size do you need or do you find pleasant? Most double-din radios are 6-7 inches in size, but there are also models that have an 8- or even 10-inch display that also works like a split-screen.

What media do you want to use to play music? Do you need a CD player or are SD slot and USB ports enough for you? Depending on how good the sound quality of the dual-din radio is, you may want to use additional connectors for amplifiers/subwoofers. Also, consider beforehand whether you want to connect screens for the rear seats.

If you opt for a Naviceiver (Navi included), find out whether or for how long the updates of the maps are free of charge. The table gives you an overview of the most important purchase criteria.

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