How do the different baby carrier types differ from each other?


    Of course, it is important that a baby carrier is height-adjustable and thus adaptable to your body. Furthermore, it should be accompanied by a certain elasticity. full size baby swing based on the general design, different types of baby carriers have emerged. We summarize these in the following table:


    • secure closure on the abdominal and hip belt
    • mostly with Velcro fasteners
    • can be adapted to the wearer via buckles on the webbing
    • quick and easy to create
    • weight is better distributed by the hip belt


    • The closure is made with Velcro or buckles
    • A strap around the hip and over the shoulders
    • completely dispense with buckles on shoulder straps
    • are very easy to create
    • adapt well to babies and carriers

    Tip: For optimal weight distribution and relief, you should always make sure that a baby carrier is designed as a hip carrier. Through the hip belt, weight is taken from the shoulders.

    What should be considered when buying a baby carrier?

    In order to find the best baby carrier for your own needs, it is important to keep an eye on various criteria. Even without a clear recommendation from Stiftung Warentest, you can quickly find your individual baby carrier, test winner.

    Note: Make sure that a baby carrier is elastic. Especially in the wearing area, the fabric should be flexible and adapt well to the child.

    Material: A baby carrier made of organic cotton offers many advantages

    To ensure that a baby carrier is lint-free and easy to clean, cotton is used for most carriers. Smooth fabrics are simply much easier to clean. There are very simple models here, in which light fabric is used for the baby carrier. These are ideal, especially in summer.

    If you want the highest possible comfort for your child, the baby carrier should be fed. Stretchers made of organic cotton are free of any harmful substances and other stresses.

    Wearing comfort must be provided for parents and child

    Before buying, make sure that a baby carrier is soft. This makes it particularly comfortable for your child. Furthermore, the baby carrier should be adjustable so that it adapts to your body. Very practical can be a baby carrier with an adjustable headrest. It relieves the head and neck.

    Weight: Baby carrier in premium quality has only a low dead weight

    Of course, the stability of a baby carrier depends crucially on the material used. But also make sure that the stretcher is not too heavy. Your child will gain weight at a rapid pace. In a baby carrier test, therefore, light carrying is recommended.

    Colour and design leave nothing to be desired

    Of course, there is the colorful baby swings frame , but there are also many neutral models in gray, black, or white. When it comes to color and design, you can let your taste decide.

    Look at the type of wearer

    It is best to opt for a baby carrier that can be used as a back carrier and belly carrier. So you are flexible for months and can respond to the needs of your child.

    Tip: The load capacity is decisive for how long you can use such a stretcher. Here it depends less on whether a baby carrier with an abdominal belt is offered than on material and workmanship.

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