When running on a treadmill, does the type of shoe you’re wearing make a difference?


What type of shoes should you wear while running on a treadmill? While running outside, some individuals prefer to wear cushioned shoes to cushion the ground’s burden on their bodies, but what kind of footwear should you use when running on a treadmill? 

You’ll want something flexible, light, breathable, and comfortable to wear while running on the treadmill. Because the treadmill’s surface is cushioned, you should avoid wearing high-cushioned running shoes on it since they can let you strike harder on the surface, resulting in more wear and tear on your body.

Don’t try to run on a treadmill barefoot or in socks. It’s a bad situation waiting to happen. Running barefoot might cause friction burns on your toes from the belt’s drag. You’re also at risk of stubbing your toes against the machine’s front.

Your sweat will produce moisture on the belt, making you more likely to slip and become an internet GIF.

There have been no studies on the efficiency of running while wearing carbon-plated shoes for a treadmill. However, due to the lack of support for lengthy training runs and most carbon plated versions not being designed for treadmill usage, they may not be best suited for long runs. 

Here are some useful hints for selecting the appropriate treadmill running shoe:

  • Shoes that are light in weight are ideal. Maintaining a high cadence, especially when doing treadmill intervals, is made easier by this.
  • When you are choosing a running shoe, it is important to think about what is most comfortable for you.

Make sure the shoes are ventilated. If the top is too thick and restricting, you might experience cramping or a burning sensation in your feet. Good treadmill running shoes should bend and breathe around the ball of your foot.

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