How To Take Care Of Entry Doors


The front door is the hallmark of every home, which plays a vital role in the aesthetic design of the house and ensures the safety of the people living in it. For the front door to retain its original factory properties and characteristics, it needs constant care from the owners’ side. Regular careful consideration of the door will help avoid undesirable situations with jamming of locks or external damage to the slabs. Looking after and caring for the front door, you extend its life for many years to come, which will help save a lot of money and time in the future.

Standard care for the front door includes two procedures: respectively for the slabs itself and care for door fittings. Read more about what to do next.

Entrance door care depends on the material.

Entrance doors are different. One of the most important differences between these products is the material from which it is made. The most popular materials used in the production of input models are metal and natural wood. The care of the door directly depends on the material from which it is made.

A wooden door is durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. It looks beautiful and wealthy while not inferior in strength to metal products. In this case, precious wood species are used: oak, beech, teak, and walnut. Due to the beautiful natural pattern of wood, solid wood products do not need unique decor. As a rule, they are opened with varnish, which only emphasizes the greatness of the natural pattern created by nature itself.

When caring for a wooden door, one should remember its “capriciousness,” manifested by low resistance to high moisture, ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, and decay. To improve resistance to adverse weather conditions, such a door is coated with a protective solution. 

Once a week, the wood needs to be wiped off the dust and accumulated dirt. This is done using special non-alkaline and non-chlorinated products that gently clean the delicate surface of the array. Do not use hard or abrasive rags to wash such products to avoid scratches, abrasions, and other defects.

To restore a beautiful shine and hide small cracks, use a regular polish, which is applied with a delicate cloth, spreading over the entire surface of the slabs. Such care is enough to maintain the beautiful appearance of the front door for many years.

A metal door is more durable, reliable, burglar-resistant, and less demanding to maintain. Unlike natural wood, metal is independent of external factors. It is not afraid of high humidity, direct sunlight, or severe frosts. It will not change its shape, crack or change color, regardless of climatic and weather conditions from the outside. Nevertheless, a metal door and a wooden one need constant and careful care.

The steel sheet should be periodically wiped from dust and dirt with a soft microfiber cloth dipped in a particular product based on natural ingredients. More complex and more aggressive mixtures can cause corrosion, so it is better to refuse them immediately. If the metal door is externally covered with laminate or natural wood, follow the above rules for caring for wooden products.

Buying a front door made of metal or durable wood is up to you. The main thing is that it ensures the safety and looks organically in a house or apartment interior. Door prices vary. There are options for customers with a thick wallet and buyers with an average income. Everyone will find something that will meet the requirements and preferences regarding appearance and performance.

Hardware care

Even the front door slabs’s most thorough and regular maintenance is not enough. The durability and duration of the product’s successful operation determine the quality and condition of the door hardware. Door fittings are additional elements necessary for installation, subsequent work, and improving the appearance of the product.

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