Top-Rated Activities To Do In Porto In 2022


Until recently, Porto was seen as the little sibling of its bigger, more famous sibling, Lisbon. However, the city’s popularity has steadily increased in recent years. Despite the fact that the two towns compete for spectacular views and pleasant atmospheres, Porto has its own unique flavor. Make sure you don’t miss any of its hidden treasures by following our advice!

This tangle of colorful houses nibbling along the banks of the Douro, protected by cathedral bell towers, is of course the heart and soul of Porto. However, there is much more to this city than just its famous landmarks.

On the other hand, there’s a Saudade-tinged sense of nostalgia. The city, however, is in the midst of a major renovation and offers a wide range of experiences. Each neighborhood has its own unique character, with old-world charm and new-world architectural wonders mixed in with the working-class neighborhoods. From exploring beaches to reading at the oldest bookstore, taking wine tours, or go for hiking, and more. So, if you are planning a visit to this beautiful place with your family or friends? Without thinking much, start planning, book swiss air reservations online and save up to 45% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. And if you want to take advantage of all Porto has to offer, check out the city’s best activities listed below:

The cruise on the Douro River

The best way to explore Porto’s landmarks is by boat! Tourists could visit the Douro River, a beautiful river that meanders past Lisbon before connecting the green wine-growing areas. And from its banks, you’ll be able to take in some of the city’s most breathtaking views.

So, cruises are springing up all over the place to capitalize on the situation. You may spend the entire day in the nearby valleys, while others will only survive a few minutes.


In Porto, you’ll find azulejos, or hand-painted cement tiles, on almost every street corner. Blue pottery adorns the inside walls of some churches, while geometric patterns in vibrant colors adorn the outside walls of several more.

At So Bento station, you can view a lovely fresco that greets visitors to Porto. More than 20,000 earthenware tiles tell the story of Portugal, and it’s just fantastic!

There’s Francesinha and other treats to be had.

The “little French,” or francesinha, is probably Porto’s most iconic dish, and it can be found in almost every tavern. The croque-monsieur was the inspiration for this gourmet take on the classic French pastry, thus the moniker. The cheese and tomato sauce covers every inch of the sandwich. Above all, the locals aren’t afraid to smuggle in three or four different kinds of meat!

However, Porto has more than one ace in its sleeve when it comes to sandwiches. As a consequence, restaurants compete for customers’ attention by serving mouthwatering sandwiches made with slow-cooked pork. Visit Casa Guedes in Porto, a family-run business, to find out more about our favorite.

Wine is stored in basements called port cellars.

It should come as no surprise to anybody that Porto is the place where the world-famous liquor known as a port was first invented. There are many wine cellars in Porto, despite the fact that the “mutated wine” comes from locations farther upstream of the Douro.

Vila Nova de Gaia, a town on the outskirts of Porto with a view of the city, is where you’ll discover them. Visits to Porto’s cellars are a must for each visitor to the city. All visitors will get the opportunity to sample some of the estate’s sweet wine.

Shopping Rio de Janeiro’s Rua Santa Catarina is a thoroughfare.

No matter where you’re going, there’s always something to see and do. So, if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind finds in Porto, go to Rua Santa Catarina. To get there, go from the Plaza de Batalha to the Church of Santo António dos Congregados, then make a stop to admire it. Wandering the streets of Paris, you’ll come across a variety of shops and establishments to select from.

After a long day of touring, Café Majestic is the perfect spot to unwind. As a local institution, this cafe is a must-see place when in Porto!

You may listen to music at the Music House.

If you’re in Porto for a concert or simply to admire the building’s architecture, Casa da Msica is a must-see. Indeed, just for the purpose of taking in the beautiful geometric designs on this big white concrete block, it’s worth a look.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to see a concert while you’re there? In this case, the venue has an exceptional year-round musical program.

In The Nutshell

We hope, we have discussed above the top activities to do in Porto that let experience full of excitement to its tourists. Want to experience it all? Why wait? Book your trip to Portugal with AirlinesMap for a truly fabulous holiday. Happy Vacations..!

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