Best 3 URL Openers You Can Use In 2022

multi url opener by Ethereal IT Solutions

Wtools URL Opening

Wtools URL opener makes it easy to use. These tools will save you time. This tool is ideal for tasks that require you to click on multiple pages and open them all at once. This tool allows you to open many links simultaneously and does not require you to worry about opening another one.

This URL opener can be used to identify the links on your site and to remove bad links. It also helps you promote high-quality links. Wtools’ Bulk URL Opener will ensure that no spam links or low-quality content areas on your website.

Simply paste multiple links into the text box above, then click on “Open Bulk URLs”, and all of your links will open in new tabs. It’s very easy to use.

Bulk URL Opener

URL Opener makes it easy to open multiple URLs at once. This app is user-friendly and allows you to quickly open multiple pages with one click. This saves time as you don’t have to click each URL individually to open them. It is time-consuming to open a new tab, copy the link, and then do it again.

This bulk link opener is a great solution. Simply move your mouse to the text area, and begin typing URLs. Or copy links from text/CSV and paste them into the text area. Click on “Submit” to get hundreds of links in one go.

These are some features:

  • It displays the total errors and invalid URLs, and you can remove them by clicking on the “Submit” button.
  • Invalid links do count. If your URL doesn’t have a “dot …”.”, it will count.
  • Exporting to CSV is also an option.

This tool will open unlimited URLs, but it can slow down your computer. This tool will not work if JavaScript is blocked.

Multi URL Opener

multi url opener by Ethereal IT Solutions

Multi URL opener allows you to bulk open multiple links from one window. Simply paste your URLs in the text box below and click on ‘open links’ and let the multi URL opener tool do its magic. You only need to make sure that pop-ups are not blocked in your browser.

Ethereal IT Solutions created this multi URL opener tool for free. It was designed to help you save time browsing the web by opening multiple URLs in a single click. All tabs that have one open in their browsers will be opened immediately. It’s easy to try it!

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