How to Find the Best Sleeping Bag for Your Baby


The different types of baby sleeping bags

If you have decided to buy a baby sleeping bag, you will soon realize that there are different baby sleeping bag variations. baby nursery water often the question arises afterward: Which sleeping bag is best for babies? Therefore, we have summarized the characteristics of the three types of baby sleeping bags:

Combi sleeping bag

Two-piece (inner and outer bag)

regardless of the season

Individual combination possibility

longer tightening time

Ball sleeping bag

Name due to the shape

provides a secure hold

Freedom of action

available with and without sleeves


Winding technology

based on the uterus

the strong feeling of security

suitable for newborns (up to 6 months)

less freedom of movement

The right size is crucial

In baby sleeping bag tests, the right size is always a decisive factor. If the sleeping bag is too large, the child can slip out of the baby sleeping bag at any time, which makes the safety factor obsolete. In addition, heat storage can be prevented or impaired by an incorrect fit. So that you can take advantage of all the helpful functions of a baby sleeping bag, you should have the right size in mind.

To answer the question: “How big should a baby sleeping bag be?”, there is a simple phrase: The sleeping bag must cover the child’s height plus 10 cm of room to grow. In addition, we recommend that you always have three baby sleeping bags at home: a sleeping bag that is currently in use; a replacement sleeping bag if the former is soiled and a replacement size if the used baby sleeping bag becomes too small.

The outer material and the filling: cuddly through the night

As for the materials of your baby sleeping bag, you should differentiate between outer fabric and filling. The outer fabric of baby sleeping bags for the summer usually consists of temperature-balancing and breathable fabrics such as cotton or organic cotton. These substances also have the great advantage that the summer baby sleeping bags are very compatible and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers and children with neurodermatitis.

Baby sleeping bags for the winter offer both materials of animal origin such as a baby down sleeping bag or a baby sleeping bag made of wool as well as sleeping bags made of synthetic fibers. However, if your baby is prone to allergies, we recommend a winter baby sleeping bag made of synthetic fibers, as these are also more suitable for sensitive skin. Alternatively, you can also use cotton here.

In addition, it is always worth making sure that the material is easily washable and washable to guarantee easier care of the sleeping bag. Always note the care label of the respective sleeping bag.

Attention: You should always make sure that the best outdoor baby’s sleeping is made of fairly light and breathable material. In addition, your newborn’s sleeping bag should always have a warm, but not a hot or humid climate. This can possibly lead to overheating or hypothermia in your child.

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