Which grades did the individual e-bike women receive in our comparison?


You can choose your personal e-bikes women’s test winner from the following list:


  • First place – good: City Bike eOCTANT by Chrisson – exemplary Internet price: 1.298 Euro
  • Second place – good: Z510 from Zündapp – exemplary Internet price: 949 Euro
  • Third place – good: Accolmile 28-inch 700C women’s bike from Accolmile – exemplary internet price: 1.698 Euro
  • Fourth place – good: RX02 from ride66 – exemplary Internet price: 1.899 Euro
  • Fifth place – good: E-bike electric bike from VIVI – exemplary Internet price: 720 Euro
  • Sixth place – good: Z 802 from Zündapp – exemplary Internet price: 1,079 euros
  • Seventh place – good: VIVI E-Bike from Caroma – exemplary Internet price: 780 Euro
  • Eighth place – very good: Cita 2.0 by Fischer – exemplary Internet price: 1.139 Euro
  • Ninth place – very good: Telefunken E-Bike RC830 from Telefunken – exemplary Internet price: 1,000 euros
  • Tenth place – very good: E-Moon E-Bike by F.lli Schiano – exemplary Internet price: 799 Euro

The list shows: Of the 13 different manufacturers, electric scooter reviews 2022 the women’s e-bikes are divided into 8 “very good” women’s e-bikes and 7 “good” women’s e-bikes. The comparison winner City Bike eOCTANT from Chrisson received the best award among all grades in the ranking and at the same time costs only 1,298.00 euros.

Of the 13 manufacturers, two manufacturers offer several “very good” and “good” e-bikes for women. In addition to Bluewheel, there are also excellent e-bikes ladies from Zündapp.

How many different manufacturers were compared and graded by the editors in the e-bikes women’s comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and compared 15 different e-bikes ladies from 13 manufacturers to offer you the best product selection.

How much do the best women’s e-bikes cost in the women’s e-bikes comparison?

The best product in the e-bikes women’s comparison, our comparison winner BLUEWHEEL 

BXB55 from Bluewheel, you get 1.098,00 Euro. However, if you don’t want to spend so much money on an e-bike ladies, you can orient yourself on our price-performance winner E-Moon E-Bike from F.lli Schiano.

Which of the women’s e-bikes is rated and described by a large number of customers?

The women’s e-bike from Bluewheel is particularly well-known because over 250 customers have given their first impressions after the purchase and rated the BLUEWHEEL e-mountain bike from Bluewheel.

Which women’s e-bikes did the editors rate particularly well?

The editors have awarded the rating “VERY GOOD” several times and in particular identified the following 8 e-bikes ladies: BLUEWHEEL BXB55 from Bluewheel, BLUEWHEEL E-Mountainbike from Bluewheel, MG02 from Gunai, E-Moon E-Bike from F.lli Schiano, Retro City E-Bike from Speedrid, Women’s E-Bike 3.0 from HEPHA, Cita 2.0 from Fischer and Telefunken E-Bike RC830 from Telefunken

Which similar items have consumers who have put an e-bike ladies in their shopping cart still looked at?

Before an beginner e-bike for kids was bought, customers often examined other electric bicycle ladies, Kalkhoff e-bike ladies, and women e-bikes.

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