Installation of Invisible Braces to have a beautiful smile at your orthodontist in Pakistan

Invisible Braces

How to have a beautiful smile with Invisible Braces? Your INVISALIGN practitioner, Ensmile, in Pakistan, answers your questions.

Nowadays, it is possible to have a beautiful smile as an adult. Being able to smile without complexity makes it easier to integrate socially and can even sometimes make it easier to find a job. It is, therefore, possible to wear orthodontic appliances at any age in order to find a beautiful smile.

But it is also important to live well with your orthodontic treatment.
Generally, adults are looking for invisible Braces that are as aesthetic as possible.
INVISALIGN aligners are a good way to reconcile social life and aesthetic adult treatment.

Your practitioner: Ensmile, in Pakistan, is a certified INVISALIGN practitioner

The Invisible Braces technique

It is a series of transparent trays that will move the teeth little by little. These aligners are invisible hence the name Invisible Braces.

The splints are comfortable to wear and do not interfere with a speech in any way. They can be removed if you have an important appointment. However, it is necessary to wear them 22 hours a day in order to obtain the desired result.

This method is based on digital technology: an optical impression is made using a digital scanner. Accuracy is therefore optimal.

A “clin check”, ie a proposed treatment plan is established and proposed to the patient. Thus, it is possible to visualize the final result. After the patient’s agreement, the manufacture of the gutters is launched. Each tray will be worn 22 hours a day for 14 days. The displacement of the teeth is caused by the successive wearing of the gutters.
It is also possible to perform an INVISALIGN treatment when you have to undergo maxillofacial surgery. The presurgical orthodontic preparation will be done by gutters and the surgeon can then perform his jaw or palate surgery depending on the case.

Recommendations when doing an Invisible braces treatment

It is not possible to eat with the gutters. They will be removed at each meal.

For maintenance, a kit will be provided. Remember to brush your gutters once a day.

Do not wash your aligners with hot water. This deforms the plastic.

Do not use detergents other than those supplied by your orthodontist.

Don’t jump Aligners to go faster! Even if the following numbers come into your mouth, certain movements will not have had time to express themselves and the quality of your treatment will be diminished.

Who are INVISALIGN or Invisible Braces treatments for?

Invisalign aligners treatments are particularly indicated for adults who travel or who have an inflexible schedule.
Indeed, a series of gutters will be given to you according to your next availability at the office. As a result, you will not waste time continuing your treatment.
It is also possible to do an INVISALIGN treatment remotely when you live in another city. We can send you your gutters by a secure transport.
The checks will be done using an application set up by INVISALIGN on your smartphone or by teleconsultation.

The invisible braces price in Pakistan treatment varies. It will depend on the number of aligners needed. This can vary from 150000 to 200000 Rupees.
An estimate will be given to you so that you can inquire with your mutual insurance company.

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