Most popular Electric skateboard of 2022

Electric skateboard


Are you bored of your traditional skateboard? Do you want to upgrade it to a modern electric skateboard? Here at voeep, we have the perfect solution for you. You will be amazed to know that electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular with the recent technological advancement and the growth in urbanization. Electric boards are portable also they are quite convenient. On our website, we have a modern and advanced electric skateboard. We can also recommend some of the best electric skateboards in 2022. In this article, we will dive deep into the most advanced and modern electric skateboard of 2022. So, if you want to learn about the top electric board of 2022 then keep reading this article till the end.

About the best Electric skateboard

The first time looking for an electric skateboard can be a little challenging. You might feel overwhelmed given the variety of models available in the market & also our website. We all know that electric skateboards are slowly becoming the next big thing in the personal transport market which is no surprise. Because of the number of cars on the roads these days, people are looking for alternative ways of getting around. In the growing concern for the environment, electric skateboards provide a fun and eco-friendly way of getting to work or moving around any amazing urban area. You have come to the right spot if you were looking to dive into the electric skateboard world. We ensure that our recommended skateboards will make you go deal now. We will take you through our top recommended electric skateboards in 2022, so let’s dive in:

  1. Skatebolt Breeze II:  This is an electric skateboard company based in California, USA. This company started in 2016. The goal of this company is to create safe, convenient, and affordable electric skateboards.  Your wallet will feel lighter after buying a skateboard.  Even though they have a premium price but their quality makes up for it.
  2. Boosted Mini X: In the electric transport market, boosted the USA is an up-and-coming brand.  Even though its electric scooters and skateboards are a bit processed but they are well designed and were built with high-quality materials.
  3. URBANPRO electric skateboard: It is an impressive electric longboard. The URBANPRO is great for commuting and generally moving around cities and urban areas easily. It provides an extraordinarily smooth ride. Its wide deck makes it easy for first-time riders.
  4. Swagtron Swagskate NG3: This Company is a well-known brand in the electric personal transport industry that has impressed us with many different devices. The Swagskate NG3 is another very intriguing piece of tech which is gaining popularity day by day.
  5. Teamgee H5: This Company has been in the electric skateboard market for more than 3 years. You will be surprised to know that the Teamgee H5 claims to be the thinnest electronic board available and we understand why.


Choosing the modern electric skateboard instead of the traditional one will change your life. If you want to buy an amazing branded electric skateboard at a reasonable price then consider visiting our website. Because in voeep, you will find your modern electric skateboard.

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