Is there a test winner for snowshoes?


We would like to introduce you to our comparison winner for snowshoes from our product table. Unfortunately, we cannot name you a test winner because neither Stiftung Warentest nor Test have tested snowshoes.

From which brands and manufacturers do you get good snowshoes?

In our product area, etekcity infrared thermometer 630 you will already find various manufacturers of snowshoes. Among other things, you can get snowshoes from:







How much do snowshoes cost?

Cheap snowshoes can be found for between 50, – and 100, – Euro. However, alpine snowshoes can cost several hundred euros.

Where can I buy snowshoes?

Simply buy snowshoes on the Internet. In the trade, you can find snowshoes mainly in sports shops.

What grades did the individual snowshoes receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal snowshoe test winner from the following list:

First place – satisfactory: Snowshoes ID 16004 from Alpidex – exemplary Internet price: 100 Euro

Second place – satisfactory: Snowshoes from Odoland – exemplary Internet price: 96 Euro

Third place – satisfactory: POWRX by attracting – exemplary Internet price: 55 Euro

Fourth place – satisfactory: 16007_Blue from Alpidex – exemplary Internet price: 90 Euro

Fifth place – satisfactory: 16084 by Alpidex – exemplary Internet price: 70 Euro

Sixth place – satisfactory: Supertrimoalp light by Morpho – exemplary Internet price: 102 Euro

Seventh place – good: Flex RDG by Tubbs – exemplary Internet price: 198 Euro

Eighth place – good: Lightning Ascent Men 2019/20 by MSR – exemplary Internet price: 306 Euro

Ninth place – good: 16004 by Alpidex – exemplary Internet price: 110 Euro

Tenth place – good: 16005 by Alpidex – exemplary Internet price: 120 Euro

The distribution of snowshoe ratings in comparison is particularly balanced. Of the total of 11 different manufacturers, 5 “very good” snowshoes, 11 “good” snowshoes, and 6 snowshoes are provided with the grade “satisfactory”.

With 6 products, the snowshoe manufacturer Alpidex has the most snowshoes in the comparison table for the snowshoe comparison.

Which manufacturers did the editors compare and evaluate in the snowshoe comparison?

In the snowshoe comparison, we present 22 different products from 11 different manufacturers. Use our table to see which snowshoes convinced the editors the most.

Within which, price category are the snowshoes from the snowshoe comparison?

The snowshoes in the snowshoe comparison can be classified into three different categories:medical thermometers from the most expensive product for 499.00 euros to the middle price range of 162.74 euros to the cheap product for 54.99 euros, we have selected various snowshoes for you.

Which snowshoe received the best overall customer rating?

The Supertrimoalp light from Morpho was not only particularly positively noticed by our editors but was also rated above average by customers with 5.0.

How many snowshoes were rated “VERY GOOD”?

In the snowshoe comparison, the following 5 snowshoes received the grade “VERY GOOD”: Flex VRT by Tubbs, Snowshoe Symbioz by TSL, Alpin OXL Snowshoes by Inook, OXM Alpin by Inook, and FlashtekH-25-GRAY by Flashtek

What other items were customers who bought a snowshoe looking for?

Our research has shown that buyers who have put a snowshoe in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as snowshoe ladies, snow boat ladies, and Tubbs snowshoe.

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