Top 3 Skateboards For Students in 2022

Best complete skateboard

1 Longboard Skateboard Freestyle

cruiser skateboard

Playshion is a great brand of longboard skateboard. The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle skateboard is adorable. Playshion is loved by many because it allows the rider to go freestyle, skating, carving, and sliding.

Several colors are available for this longboard skateboard, including black, bamboo 1, bamboo 2. These attractive colors make skateboards even more appealing.

Dimensions of the deck: 39 x 9.1

The Playshion Freestyle Skateboards are made of aluminum and maple. The deck measures 39 inches in length and has eight layers of maple hardwood.

The deck is strong and flexible. It has a slightly concave shape with a flat design. You can turn with great confidence because of the concave design in the middle.

Dimensions of the wheel: 70×51 mm

The wheels are made of polyurethane. The wheels have ABEC-9 bearings, which ensure smooth riding. The oil in the bearings also reduces friction during rotation.

The trucks are also made of solid aluminum and have a 7-inch width. Soft bushing is used in trucks to ensure a comfortable ride and long life.

The 51mm wheels are the most loved part of the board by riders. Riders can control the board better even on roads.

The skateboard’s overall weight is 7.3 pounds. It can also carry 250 lbs of heavyweight. Playshion skateboards are suitable for all ages and levels of skating, regardless their height.

It is easy to use for both children and adults. It can be used by adults fearlessly as the weight limit is 250 lbs.

It is a great gift for friends and family on birthdays and other occasions due to its practical features and low price.

Drop through mounting technology is something you might consider?

Clear ground is made possible by the 4 inch feature on the board. It offers greater stability, particularly for beginners. It is therefore the best beginner cruiser skateboard.

Playshion skateboards allow the rider to adjust the trucks if they feel the need. Keep in mind that tight trucks are more stable and can be very helpful for turning.

2 Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Best cruiser skateboard

Landyachtz is the brand that brings out the best in you when you are out there skatiing. This is a top-class brand that builds skateboards.

Landyactz is a great adventure board that offers a smooth ride and excellent quality. It will make you feel happy while you are skating with your friends.

Landyactz Dinghy Skeleton mini cruiser skateboard will give you a smooth, effortless ride. It can take small bumps, jumps, and even cracks.

It is also very portable. It can be carried to campus grounds and colleges. It is the perfect skateboard for both beginners and experts.

Its shape and style as well as the skeleton color are all amazing.

Dimensions: 28.5×7.9×5.6 inches

Laudatory tail and nose. It’s a lightweight skateboard, weighing 5.68 pounds.

Since 2016, Landyactz uses maple to make skateboards. Maple is better than plastic and wood. Landyactz uses six layers maple for this purpose.

These wheels are Hawgs wheels. It also comes with Bear trucks and the best feature of all is that it has spaceball bearings.

The smooth, soft wheels offer comfort even on rough roads.

Factory assembled components are included with the skateboard. This allows you to attach nuts and, in the event of fault, repair it.

3 Landyactz Dinghy 28 Complete Skateboard

best cruiser skateboard for beginners

Landyactz Dinghy 28 Complete Skateboard has a great reputation and is a well-respected name in skateboarding. It is a complete board, as it meets every standard and scale.

Landyactz products are durable. It is the perfect skateboard for both beginners and experts.

It also comes in many different colors like the red dragon and adventure, blunt marijuana and owl emboss.

Its style and form are charming, too. It is easy to use and you can even draw with it in small spaces. You can also carry it around to school campuses. It is the ultimate lightweight cruiser skateboard.

Landyactz has used maple to make skateboards for many decades. Landyactz also makes Dinghy stronger and more comfortable than plastic. Landyactz employs six layers of maple for this purpose.

It will measure 28 inches in length. It is also known as the 28-red Dragon. It is portable and light because of this.

These wheels allow for maximum wheel clearance and a locked-in feeling. This is a huge plus. The wheels have mini flares to help prevent wheel bite and Dinghy won’t cut the wheel wells. The trucks will give you a delightful, smooth, and enjoyable ride.

Skateboards perform better than any Landyactz features, including the tail and nose. The tail of Dinky is very poppy, which makes it easy to perform all the flip tricks.

This will allow it to overcome obstacles more efficiently. It has a lot of space for nose-manuals or shuvits.

The tail of the board will allow you to get a great kick. This is the best cruiser skateboard for beginners and experts. It is also the best shortboard skateboard.

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