Top 6 WooCommerce Themes


Do you love open-source software as much as we do? WordPress is powerful, ubiquitous, and best of all – it’s free! With WordPress you can build just about any kind of website imaginable, and that of course includes e-commerce sites with all the functionality of top e-com CMS like Shopify and BigCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. It allows people to sell their products online and it’s easy to set up and use. These days, thanks to the hard work of many developers all over the world it’s easier than ever to make WordPress site look amazing! Here are our top 6 picks for amazing WooCommerce themes.

#6 – Proteo by YITH

YITH is a well-known developer of WooCommerce plugins. They have premium plugins that do everything from bulk product editing to product bundles to subscriptions. But lesser known than their plugins is their free WooCommerce theme Proteo. For a free theme, it looks like a premium theme! It has a sleek, clean and modern look to it. It’s highly customizable clean and modern look to it. It’s highly customizable to fit any website’s brand and tone and has several different templates with pre-loaded content for quick set-ups.

The feature we love most about this theme is that everything is nice and big by default: the add to cart button, the product descriptions, widgets, headers – everything. This makes the site easy to read and navigate, especially on mobile devices. One of our beefs with a lot of WooCommerce themes (in face, most of them) is that by default everything is quite small, especially on product pages, which often requires advanced CSS customization to get the look you want. Because of this, we’re definitely a fan of YITH’s Proteo theme.

#5 – Hello by Elementor

Hello is the perfect theme for those who want to create a website without having to worry about styling. Hello has an easy-to-use interface which allows you to focus more on your content and less on the design.

Hello is the best theme for SEO and enhanced user experiences. Design the website you envision. Hello means minimal styling.

Hello is a responsive WordPress theme that makes your content look its best on any device, from desktop to tablet to mobile phone, without having to resize or reformat your content. It also has a powerful admin panel that lets you customize colors and fonts on a global level across all of your posts and pages with just one click.

The Hello theme is perfect for bloggers who want their blogs to be responsive and mobile-friendly, but don’t want to sacrifice design or layout options they’ve grown accustomed to with other themes. Look at this stunning site to get a glimpse of what Elementor can do:

#4 – Avada

Avada is a WordPress theme that’s been around since 2009. It’s the number one selling WordPress theme of all time and it’s been used on over 2 million websites. Avada is designed to be used as a complete website solution, with an intuitive website builder, powerful ecommerce plugins, and more.

The Avada theme comes with an intuitive website builder that lets you create your own custom layouts in minutes without ever touching a line of code. You can choose from over 1,000 pre-made templates or start from scratch to build your own unique design from scratch.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to build your website without knowing how to code or using any outside tools. With Avada, you can create a professional looking site in no time at all while still maintaining total control of your content. You can also use the built-in SEO features to make sure that your site ranks higher in search results pages.

#3 – SeedProd

SeedProd is a fully-fledged landing page builder that allows you to create beautiful marketing pages without any coding knowledge.

SeedProd provides you with an easy-to-use interface, which gives you the freedom to experiment with different designs and layouts until you find the perfect one. You can also choose from a variety of industry-specific templates or create your own from scratch.

SeedProd lets you create an unlimited number of pages within your account for free, so that it’s easy to test different designs and layouts before deciding on the perfect one for your business.

#2 – OceanWP

If you are looking for a theme that will be lightweight and easy to customize, then OceanWP is the perfect choice. It’s lightweight and highly extendable.

OceanWP is a free WordPress theme which has been used by over 3 million people as of today. It features an intuitive drag and drop interface, built-in SEO, and is responsive to different screen sizes. The OceanWP theme has been designed to be flexible and easily customizable, with the ability to change anything from the color scheme to the font styles, content layout, and more.

The OceanWP theme includes drag-and-drop interface which allows you to create any layout you want without writing any code.

#1 – Flatsome by UX-themes

Flatsome is a reliable and trusted theme for any kind of WooCommerce e-commerce website. It has been used by many people and they have found it to be the best one. Check out this e-com site for a classy yet elegant use of the Flatsome theme:

Flatsome is easy to use and setup, it has a responsive design, which means that it can be accessed from all kinds of devices, it has a lot of features, like the ability to create unlimited sliders or post formats, there are also many other features that are not mentioned here. It’s a reliable and trusted theme for any kind of WooCommerce e-commerce website.

Flatsome is a WooCommerce theme that is designed for high-volume stores. It has been optimized for speed, performance, and security so that WooCommerce stores can run smoothly with no downtime. It has a clean layout that is perfect for showcasing your products on the homepage or blog page. The theme also comes with a drag-and-drop page builder so you can create any kind of layout you want without touching a single line of code!

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