How to choose overmolding factory?


Bi-color injection molding, as the name implies, means that one part is injected with two kinds of plastic. Double color molding in the broad sense includes overmolding through double injection with an ordinary molding machine. In the narrow sense, double-color molding means molding parts with two different plastics in the same machine with a dual-color molding machine, usually rotating.

Customers when looking for a double color injection mold factory, through different ways to find some manufacturer information, customers in mind also know that service of yourself to others, so in general, the price will be higher, but also understand, can a little cheaper, try to find more affordable, that is why lots of people are looking for the factory took long time cooperation. Today to tell you how to choose a mold factory, concerned about the two-color injection mold processing friends can look over, the following content is more critical oh!

  1. Collect the information of the mold manufacturer

Mold manufacturer information collection has many kinds, and it can search on the net and collected by a friend or in outdoor advertising. These approaches for mold manufacturer information, classify, it’s like a person applying for a job, is through several channels to release his job information, and then, after a few tracks are called. 

In the same way, we should classify the collected information of manufacturers and choose the manufacturers suitable for cooperation according to our situation. For example, we can screen the right ones regarding location, price, experience, and so on.

  1. Field visit before cooperation

There are many mold-making manufacturers worldwide, and the customers for various publicity may feel very dazzling. Propaganda is true remains to be verified. To make molds can go smoothly, the supervisor should go to the on-site factory and look at the production workshop; genuine senior manufacturers not afraid the customer inspection, and they will be more welcome the arrival of the customer; in this way, we can understand the production needs of customers and talk to technical personnel face to face. In this way, we can correctly handle the processing process, reduce the test, and reduce the production waste, to reduce the production cost and save time for each other.

  1. Need to know the mold delivery date first

Many customers want to complete mold production as soon as possible, so the two-color injection mold manufacturer needs a short delivery time. However, we should remind you that delivery time affects manufacturing costs, and the increase in manufacturing costs will pressure enterprises. 

If there are mold-making manufacturers to tell, you can quickly complete processing. Still, you will increase the price of how much, then to think clearly, reliable manufacturers will say to the processing cycle of the scheme, not fooling customers. Generally speaking, if the mold processing is completed in the short term, it will undoubtedly increase the investment in human, material, and financial resources, increasing production costs. If the mold is conducted in the normal cycle, the manufacturing cost will not be high in the short term. Therefore, choosing a mold manufacturer to look good on the manufacturer’s sincerity and full gravity can save costs. Like Aria Manufacturing, they give customers a lot of options.

If you choose the right injection mold factory, you can better serve yourself, and I hope to bring all three contents of revelation; of course, this is only part of the proposal; well, if you need to design the mold, you should collect manufacturer information as much as possible, find a strong factory, then, and verify that the sincerity of the factory. This way, we can cooperate with manufacturers with satisfactory quality and service.

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