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The critics of the association Spiel des Jahres e.V. award an excellent children’s game every year. The jury members tested more than 160 children’s games in 2018 and won “Funkelschatz” – a game for families with children aged 5-7 years. We have taken a close look at it for you.

The Story – A Task for Dragon Children

The Four Dragon Children Mira, Feo, Luna, and Diego discover a large ice column filled with precious sparkle stones. Best RC car transmitter and receiver to get hold of the precious stones, they have to melt the ice. The dragon dad helps them with his fire breath. The more the ice melts, the more sparkling stones fall down.

The dragon children quickly collect the stones and with a little luck, the dragon dad also gets some stones. Those who collect the most sparkle stones with luck and sensitivity may wear the nose at the top.

Authors Lena and Günter Burkhardt

Publisher Haba

Players 2 to 4

Age recommendation from 5 years

Entrance light

Duration 15 minutes

Price from 12,99 €

Is the game fun?

Yes, definitely! Even for large children with a playing time of about 15 minutes is a wonderfully entertaining game. Getting started quickly and the recommended procedure is easy to understand. The sparkle stones are beautifully designed in color and shape so that everyone can enjoy collecting their treasure. As soon as an ice column is broken down, your children will certainly want to start all over again.

What do children learn at Funkelschatz?

At the end of the game, of course, the counting and maybe even the addition of the collected treasure is in the foreground. On average, each player collects between 10 and 50 sparkle stones, depending on their success. The children can either simply count through these or put them in rows and then, for example, always add them in steps of 5.

In addition, there is the ability to lose once and to treat a fellow player to a triumph. Just to try again.

And – kindergarten teachers beware – the fine motor skills are trained very well in this game. Because the ice rings of the ice column take the children down with the greatest possible caution. As many stones as possible in the previously selected color should come loose and the sparkle stones of the other players should remain on top.

This results in another positive side effect of Funkelschatz – the children concentrate fully on the game. Even those who are not on the ball at the moment are allowed to collect the fallen stones of their own color.

And last but not least, the children have to distinguish the colors. Is the stone now red or purple?

A game for almost every occasion

The sparkling treasure you can play almost anywhere where there is a square table or a straight surface, a time span of 15-30 minutes, and two other players. Since the packaging of 22.1 x 5 x 22.3 cm is handy and robust, the game also fits into holiday luggage.

Who invented “Sparkling Treasure”?

The authors Lena and Günter Burkhardt, are father and daughter and have combined an inspiring story and small rc cars fascinating materials to create a cheerful game. For the classic collectible game, players need some thought and gentle fingers, not to mention the luck component, which is not missing. And of course, the Papa Dragon is the best.

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