Cutting claws on the dog – that’s how it works!


If your dog sounds like a tap dancer on your living room laminate, then you should take a closer look at his paws, because something is wrong here. You will probably immediately notice that best dog bed for small dogs the claws of your four-legged friend are too long. Cutting claws in the dog and the associated problems – almost every dog owner knows this. Because many dogs have deep-seated fear for their paws and an aversion to claw pliers.

But cutting claws in the dog is not only a question of beauty, but above all that of the health of your four-legged friend. Read here why claw cutting is so important for your dog and how you can do it yourself.

Claw cutting: Why is this important for the dog?

Too long claws hinder your dog from walking and cause him pain. With an avoidance strategy, your dog will try to keep his paws at an angle, which can lead to postural damage and muscle tension in the long run.

Claw cutting and paw care are important for your dog’s well-being and health, and with a little practice, they won’t be a problem for most dogs.

Instructions for cutting claws on your dog

How often you should cut the claws depends on how quickly the horn and life grow back. If life in a claw that is too long has already grown almost to the tip of the claw, then you need to be patient. In the beginning, a filing of only a few millimeters should be sufficient and the claws should be trimmed weekly. In this way, life in the dog’s claw will retreat more and more.

Normally, however, it is enough to cut the claws every three weeks. The following applies: As often as necessary and always in such a way that the claws are on the verge of touching the ground.

More information can be found at Fressnapf under Paw Care Dog.

For the care of the claws and paws you need the following utensils:


  • Claw tongs or claw trimmers in small breeds
  • Fur scissors with blunt ends
  • Claw file
  • Good light source/flashlight

To cut claws, you need a steady hand, a relaxed dog and a good light source to illuminate the claw interior life. The dog’s claw is made of horn and filled almost to the top with so-called life. This consists, among other things, of nerve cords and blood capillaries and is very well supplied with blood. The most important commandment of claw care is therefore: Never cut into life, because this causes your dog great pain and bleeds heavily. A dog injured in this way quickly loses confidence and will not like to repeat claw cutting.

Here’s how it works!

Make sure your dog lies or sits quietly and relaxed. With your free hand, enclose the dog’s paw so that it is well fixed without putting too much pressure on it. rat terrier dental care this way you avoid cuts that could be caused by a sudden retraction of the paw. With white horn color you can see the pink or white life very well, with black claws a flashlight for illumination is an advantage.

Now put the claw pliers at a distance of about 1 mm from life and courageously snap off the claw without squeezing it.

Then you rework it by moving the file in only one direction – a back and forth of the file would hurt your dog – to prevent possible tearing and splintering.

And already your dog can leave carefree. But please do not forget the reward with treats.

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