How is Dakimakura Different from a Body Pillow?

Body Pillow

A pillow is an essential component of sleeping. In the same way that your mattress will determine the quality of your sleep, your pillows will do the same. A good night’s sleep depends entirely on your pillow, between waking up with aches and pains and enjoying a comfortable, relaxing night.

Typically, people focus exclusively on their mattresses and overlook their pillows. The problem can be easily solved by replacing your pillow rather than your mattress, and this mistake can also be costly. Mattresses and pillows serve similar purposes when it comes to comfort and support. Their primary function is to align your spine and head. However, body pillows can provide more significant support. Look how traditional pillows are different from unique Waifu body pillow.

What is a Dakimakura Pillow?

For simplicity, Dakimakura pillows are pillows with anime prints or designs. Long body pillows cover an adult human with memorable Japanese cartoons. Although Dakimakura pillows are called this, they are often just pillowcases. 

A pillow insert is typically sold separately. While some companies, especially in the West, are offering the pillow with the pillowcase, Dakimakura pillows originally were just anime-themed pillowcases.

How are Dakimakura different from body pillows?

Although dakimakura and body pillows may share the same size and shape, they serve distinctly different purposes. A more critical factor is whether they provide emotional rather than physical support.

An orthopedic pillow is a pillow that supports your body while you sleep. Many conditions, such as blood circulation problems, back pain, and snoring, can be prevented. Healthcare providers can recommend them or purchase them for curiosity or on a whim.

As emotional support, Dakimakura plays an essential role in Japan. These items are considered comfort objects, such as security blankets or stuffed animals. The objective of these objects is to provide comfort.

Unlike body pillows, there are no different sizes or shapes available in Dakimakura. Traditionally, Dakimakura’s width is approximately 20 inches (50 cm), and its length ranges from 59 to 63 inches (150cm and 160cm). The circumference should be just less than 39 inches (101.5cm).

Standardizing sizes is essential for Dakimakura. A pillow’s association with anime and manga goes beyond the pillow’s design and its well-known connection with this community. The association is accurate, despite its seemingly unlikely nature.

Features of the Dakimakura Pillow

Dakimakura pillows are easily recognizable. Among their characteristics are:

  • There are only three sizes available.
  • Video game, anime, and manga characters are printed. There are sometimes real-life photos as well.
  • The character has two sides. Both sides of the pillow will feature the character’s front and backside.

Where to buy Dakimakura Pillows?

A Dakimakura pillow consists of two parts:

  1. Dakimakura inner pillow
  2. Dakimakura pillow cover

As with standard pillows, these two pieces are generally sold separately. There are plenty of onshore options available these days, so you no longer need to buy from Japanese manufacturers. To preserve the authenticity of the pillow, most people prefer to buy Dakimakura inner pillows from Japan. 

On the other hand, with all the onshore options available, this is no longer necessary unless you are incredibly particular. Sakume in the area provides the original Dakimakura inner pillows. Contact them to buy one for yourself. 

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